How to Clean Stacking Ring Toys

Children love stacking ring toys because they are simple and so much fun to play. You cannot even separate some children from their toys because of how much they love playing them. This means these stacking rings get played with, thrown around, laid down with, bit on and who knows what else? After a few play sessions, your stacking ring toy resembles a wreck. They are covered with dirt, grime and snot.

If you have a baby or a toddler in the house, chances are you are busy. You need to look after them, prepare meals for the entire family, do the laundry and clean the house. What about the stacking ring toys your cute little one left lying around after she was done playing them? You need to clean these toys since microbes and germs love to live in dirty toys. Toys and play surfaces can be wellsprings of germs traded between babies, toddlers, and grown-ups.

Cleaning kids' toys every month is a decent goal. However, most babies explore with their mouths so your stacking rings had most likely ended up in your child’s mouth at one point. You should clean these toys once every other day.

Stacking ring toys require diverse cleaning strategies not exclusively to get them clean, but also to keep them looking and working their best. Regular cleaning helps eliminate germs on toys to help protect your children.


Preparing your stacking ring toys for cleaning means removing any obvious dirt and grime. Scrub your toys with a soft bristle brush, used toothbrush or a sponge. Make soapy water with mild dish soap. Keep it natural as much as possible. We recommend using Castille soap.


If your stacking ring toy is made from plastic then they are most likely dishwasher safe. However, you should make sure that this is the case by reading the care instruction that came along with your toy or head over to your toy’s manufacturer’s website. Use dishwasher detergent and along with hot water, this will do proper cleaning and disinfecting for you.

Never wash your wooden stacking ring toys in your dishwasher. Otherwise, you will end up with deformed and damaged toy. Hot water can cause the wooden toys to swell and their paint will start to peel off or fade.

No soaking or submerging

Cleaning wooden toys is different from cleaning plastic toys. Wood is a porous material which means water will get into the pores if you submerge or soak it in water or any other liquid cleaning solutions. When your wooden stacking ring toy swells, it can irreparable damage toys or worse bacteria and germs will thrive inside your toys.

Wipe clean

Spritz your stacking ring toy with your preferred cleaning solution and sing a clean damp cloth to clean. Control your spray otherwise you will end up drenching your wooden toy which is not what you want. Wipe dry with another cloth.


Dry your stacking ring toys under the sun. The entire drying process will help kill germs further because the heat of the sun is a natural antibacterial. Air drying is also an option.


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