How to Clean Transport Toy

Transport toys are good toys for children. These toys help children develop and practice skills while having fun. But after a few play sessions, these toys would be covered by dirt already. Transport toys need to be cleaned regularly and how often you need to clean these toys depends on how often your children play with them and where they play with these toys. For instance, you want to wipe your transport toys as before and after every play session if your little one has developed a nasty habit of putting toys into his mouth.

Protecting your children from disease causing germs and bacteria should be at the top of your list. Many experts suggest cleaning toys on a regular basis but do not wait for the week to end before you clean your transport toys. As soon as these toys start to get dirty, clean them right away especially if your child brings his toys outside. Disinfecting transport toys after every sickness is also recommended to prevent the spread of diseases.

Here are some tips on how to clean your children’s transport toys.

Plastic Transport Toys

Transport toys made from plastic are easier to clean than those that are made from wood. That is not to say that wooden transport toys are difficult to clean. There are a few things to keep in mind when cleaning any toy made from wood and that includes wooden transport toys. The first thing you need to do before cleaning your plastic transport toys is to read the care instructions. Anyway, you can dump your plastic transport toys that are not battery operated in a basin filled with mild detergent. You can use a scrub or sponge to clean these toys. If your plastic transport toys have stickers or decals then you probably should not drench them in water or any liquid cleaning solution. Instead you can wipe them with a damp cloth or store bought wipes.

You can also toss your transport toys into your dishwasher but make sure that these toys are dishwasher safe before doing so. Your detergent and dishwasher will do all the cleaning for you.

Wooden Transport Toys

When cleaning wooden transport toys or any wooden toy for that matter, always remember that wood is porous. This means you should not submerge or soak them in water or any type of liquid solution. Wood will absorb water and moisture. Instead, you need to use a spray bottle. Prepare your preferred cleaning solution in your spray bottle and spray some of the cleaning liquid occasionally to your wooden transport toy. Use a damp cloth to wipe your transport toy and make sure to control your spray so as not to drench your transport toy. Additionally, make sure to wipe any excess cleaning solution before drying. Use a sponge or a used toothbrush to remove any stains and obvious dirt.


You can either air dry overnight or dry under the sun. If you choose to sun dry, make sure not to leave your transport toys too long under the heat of the sun to avoid any damage to the toys’ paint.


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