How to Clean Vet Toys

Vet toys are good toys for children. These toys allow children to engage in pretend play or imaginative play. Pretend play is an important part of a child’s early development. Children develop and get to practice new skills through pretend play. These essential skills would allow children to perform well academically when they start going to school and complete certain actions when they grow older and become more independent.

But like most toys, your child’s vet toys would eventually become dirty and grimy. Playing with dirty toys poses an increased risk of contracting diseases and illnesses. Cleaning your vet toys regularly and properly will protect your children from disease causing germs and bacteria.

Cleaning vet toys is easy and simple. Sure, there are a few things to keep in mind but it should not take you an entire day to clean all of your child’s vet toys. And with our simple guide, cleaning your child’s vet toys is as easy as ABC. So let’s get to it!

One of the first things you need to do before cleaning your child’s vet toys or any toy for that matter is checking the manufacturer’s care instruction. Most of the time, toymakers include care instructions and some warnings on the packaging of their toys to make sure parents will have an easy time looking after these toys. Keep the packaging of your vet toys or look for the care instructions on the manufacturer’s website.

The materials of the vet toys determine how you can clean them. Vet toys made from plastic can be cleaned using a dishwasher. But before doing so, make sure that these toys are dishwasher safe. If they are then your dishwasher and detergent will do all the cleaning for you.

You can also wipe them down with store-bought wipes or dump them into a basin filled with your preferred cleaning detergent and scrub these toys with a cleaning brush.

Now, if you advocate environmental causes you would have likely bought vet toys made from sustainable materials like wood. If that is the case, then cleaning wooden vet toys is different than cleaning their plastic counterparts. The first thing you have to remember is that wood is porous which means it will absorb liquid and moisture. Drenching or soaking them in water or any type of liquid solution will result in swollen or deformed wooden vet toys.

Instead, prepare your cleaning solution in a spray bottle. A spray bottle will help you control the amount of liquid that goes into your wooden vet toys. Use a clean damp cloth to wipe all surfaces and use pipe cleaners for nooks and crannies. Use mild detergent or keep it natural by using natural soap like Castille. Make sure to wipe all excess cleaning solution before drying.

You can air dry overnight or dry under the heat of the sun. The heat of the sun is a natural antibacterial and good for drying. However you should not leave your wooden vet toys for too long. Prolonged exposure to the heat of the sun could lead to damage.


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