How to Clean Wooden Baby Toys

Wooden baby toys are amazing toys for babies. Most of these toys are beautifully-crafted, durable and made using high quality responsibly sourced materials and finished with non-toxic paints, making them safe to play with. There is always a classic feel and look to these toys that some of them could double as nursery decorations once your baby has moved on to other toys. These toys are eco-friendly and bring babies closer to nature.

Fortunately, cleaning wooden baby toys is easy and simple. While wood has natural antibacterial properties, you should still clean them regularly and properly. How often you should clean these toys depend on how often your baby plays with them but cleaning them once a week is definitely a good idea.


Preparation includes choosing a mild cleaning solution and removing obvious dirt and grime.

You want to use a gentle cleaning solution when cleaning wooden baby toys. Keep in mind that babies tend to put objects and toys into their mouths so you should be worried about any residue if you use a very strong cleaning solution.

Keeping it natural is the way to go. You can use a simple vinegar solution - 1 part vinegar to 2 parts water or any kind of mild cleaning soap or any kind of eco-friendly multipurpose cleaner. Castile soap is a good example of a natural cleaning soap. It is a vegetable-based soap that is made from natural ingredients and botanicals. It is also free from harsh chemicals commonly found in detergents.

Prepare your preferred cleaning solution in a spray bottle. A spray bottle will help you control the amount of liquid you would need to clean your wooden baby toys.


There are a few things to keep in mind when cleaning wooden baby toys or wooden toys for that matter.

Wood is a porous material. This means you should not soak or submerge it in water or any kind of liquid cleaning solution. Your wooden baby toy would absorb water and it would become swollen, leaving you with a deformed or damaged toy. Furthermore, it would take a long time to dry a wooden baby toy that has been submerged in water. Remember that mold and mildew thrive in moist environments so it would be extremely dangerous to hand over a wooden baby toy that is not totally dried to a baby.

Remove any obvious dirt and grime to make the entire cleaning process easy for you. You can use a sponge, soft bristle cleaning brush or an unused toothbrush.

Once all visible dirt and grime have been removed, wipe your wooden toy clean using a piece of cloth while occasionally spraying some of your cleaning solution into it. Just spray a small amount of cleaning solution because spraying too much liquid solution will drench your wooden baby toy which is just as bad as submerging it in water.

Remove any excess water or cleaning solution from your toy to not leave a residue.


You can air dry your wooden baby toys overnight or sun dry it during the day. Sun drying is a good way to speed up the entire drying process and the heat of the sun is a natural way to kill more germs and bacteria. However keep in mind that prolonged exposure to the heat of the sun could also cause the colour of your wooden baby toy to fade so make sure to keep them out of the sun as soon as they are dry.


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