How to Clean Your 3 Month Old Baby's Toys

Toys have an important role in a baby's development and learning. They help to stimulate babies' senses, as well as teach them how to interact with and manipulate their environment.

As your little one gets older, they will learn through play: how to solve problems, explore the world around them, and use language, music or art. Toys give them something safe and fun to play with – which is particularly important before they start walking.

However, toys can also become a source of bacteria and germs especially if you don’t clean them as often as you should.

Keeping your baby safe

Parents always want what's best for their children. For this reason, most of them take extra care in making sure that they are always safe. One of the things you can do to keep your baby safe is to keep her toys clean.

Cleaning the toys of your baby should be one of your priorities because the safety of your baby should come first. It is essential to keep your baby safe from any possible risk so that there will be no threat or danger to his or her health. Never neglect cleaning the toys frequently and always make sure there are no deformities, damages, and frays on it.

How often you should clean these toys depends on how often your baby plays with them and how quickly these toys become dirty. You should clean as often as possible. And never give your baby a dirty toy.

Clean toys properly

Before you start cleaning your baby’s toys, make sure to read the care instructions from the manufacturer. Wash and clean soft toys and plushies as indicated as well. You should clean them often because they get dirty easily.

The choice of cleaning solution should be entirely up to you. Keep it mild and natural if possible.

Use your dishwasher if the toy is dishwasher-safe. Usually you can put the toy on the top rack of your dishwasher. Battery operated toys or any toy that has electrical parts should never go to the dishwasher though.

The toys that babies play with might be covered in grime, snot and saliva especially if they already have developed a nasty habit of putting objects and toys into their mouths. Some toys you can wipe with baby wipes but others need thorough cleaning.

Cleaning wooden baby toys is different than cleaning plastic ones though. You can’t submerge or soak them in water or any liquid solution. Doing so will destroy the toy or worse it could be a source of mold and mildew.

Instead, you need to clean them using a spray bottle. Spay your cleaning solution into the toy occasionally then wipe it with a clean damp cloth. Make sure to wipe any excess water or cleaning solution from the toy to avoid leaving residue.

Drying should not be difficult. You can air dry your toys or sun dry it during the day. Sunlight is a good natural antibacterial but leaving your toys under the heat of the sun for extended periods of time can be detrimental to its paint and finish.


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