How to Clean Your Alphabet Toys

Toys like alphabet toys are an important part of your baby’s early development. These toys entertain your children for hours and facilitate learning and development in numerous ways. They are learning the alphabet while having a good time. But after a few play sessions, your baby’s favourite alphabet toy is bound to get dirty and grubby.

Cleaning alphabet toys is a pretty straightforward process but it is not always as easy as tossing your alphabet toys into your dishwasher or washing machine. So let’s take a closer look at the best ways to safely and effectively clean your alphabet toys depending on their materials.

Protecting our kids from germs and bacteria is as simple as cleaning their toys properly and regularly. Any toy can become a host of a variety of germs and bacteria if not cleaned properly. You do not want your children playing with dirty toys so it is mandatory to clean your children’s toys especially if your little one has a nasty habit of putting toys into her mouth.

How often should you clean your children’s alphabet toys?

Getting rid of germs and bacteria from your children’s alphabet toys is well worth it. While there are certain things you need to consider when cleaning alphabet toys depending on their material, the entire cleaning process should not take too much time and effort.

A weekly proper cleaning is enough for toys that your children love to play with every day. However, you should clean your alphabet toys as soon as they become visibly dirty especially if your little ones always bring their favourite toys outside of your house.

You should also do a thorough cleaning of your alphabet toys after your children’s play session with their friends. Disinfecting toys after your children have been sick is also important to avoid the spread of illnesses and diseases.

How to clean alphabet toys

If it is your first time cleaning your children’s alphabet toys, make sure to read the care instructions that came along with it or go to the toy manufacturer’s website for the cleaning information. Plastic alphabet toys are most likely dishwasher safe but make sure to confirm this before dumping your alphabet toys into your dishwasher. Your dishwasher will do all the cleaning for you.

For wooden alphabet toys, it is as simple as wiping them with a clean damp cloth. Never soak or submerge your alphabet toys in water or any other liquid solution otherwise you will end up with deformed or swollen toys.

Prepare your preferred cleaning solution in a spray bottle. Use mild detergent or keep it natural and use Castille soap instead. Use vinegar when disinfecting and baking soda for tough to remove stains. These are 2 of the most common household items that are also good for cleaning.

Spritz your alphabet toys with the liquid cleaning solution you prepared and wipe with a damp cloth. Make sure to wipe all surfaces and remove any obvious dirt and grime by scrubbing using a sponge or a soft bristle cleaning brush. You can also use a used toothbrush if you have one. Remove excess cleaning solution by wiping with another dry cloth.

Once cleaned, air dry your toys overnight. You can also dry them under the sun but make sure not to leave them exposed to sunlight for too long. While sunlight is naturally antibacterial, prolonged exposure to the heat of the sun can cause damage to your alphabet toys’ paint finish.


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