How to Clean Your Police Toy Sets

Little children share toys and sometimes these toys end up in their mouths. Doing so increases their risk of contracting infections and diseases. Toys like police toys are played on the floor or on the ground. They collect dirt, bacteria and germs while they are being wheeled by your children. When children love playing with their toys, they become inseparable from their toys when they become attached to them. And after a few play sessions, these toys are now covered with dirt and grime. You do not want your children playing with dirty and grimy toys. Play areas and dirty toys should be cleaned regularly to reduce this risk.

Protecting children from disease causing bacteria and germs can be done by cleaning toys regularly. This is one of the most important jobs of parents to little children. Police toys are such flexible toys which means that children can play them however they want. They can share these toys with their friends or wheel them on the floor. However some children develop a nasty habit of putting toys in their mouths or eating with dirty hands.

Many experts suggest cleaning toys as soon as they become grubby. How often you need to clean your children’s police toys depends entirely on how they play. If they bring their police toys outside of your house, you probably need to clean these toys more often than when they play their toys inside of the house. Weekly cleaning should be enough in most cases. Disinfecting every after illness or sickness is also highly recommended to prevent the spread of diseases.

So here are a few steps and tips on how to clean your child’s favourite police toys.

Plastic Police Toys

If your police toys are made from plastic and these toys are not battery-operated, you can either wash it by hand or use a dishwasher. Make sure to read your toy manufacturer’s care instructions first before cleaning your police toys. Stickers and some paint may easily peel off when it comes in contact with liquid so be sure to know about these things beforehand.

You can wash your plastic police toys by hand in hot soapy water. You can use a basin, fill it with soapy water and dump your police toys right in. Scrub any obvious dirt with a sponge or cleaning brush. Stubborn stains can be removed using either vinegar or baking soda or sodium bicarbonate. If you are busy, you can toss your police toys into the dishwasher and the machine will do all the cleaning for you.

Wooden Police Toys

When cleaning wooden police toys, you need a spray bottle and a clean cloth. Prepare your cleaning solution in the spray bottle and spray it into your wooden police toys occasionally. Wipe all surfaces and make sure not to spray too much of your cleaning that you end up drenching your police toys. Remember wood is porous and it absorbs water and any liquid. Use a sponge or a used toothbrush to remove obvious dirt and grime. Air dry overnight or sun dry if available.


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