How to Clean Your Tenderleaf Toys

tenderleaf toys

We definitely love wooden toys and we highly recommend Tenderleaf Toys. They are one of the best wooden toy brands on the market and they make such lovely toys. Their toys are a thing of beauty. Not only are their toys simple and fun to play, they are also good for early development and learning.

It will not come as a surprise if Tenderleaf toys become your child’s favourite toys. Your child would definitely play with these toys every day and after a few play sessions, these toys would have collected enough dirt and grime.

Cleaning your child’s Tenderleaf toys is important. Doing so, will keep them safe and away from harmful germs and bacteria especially if your little one has developed a nasty habit of putting things into his mouth. You do not want your child to be playing with toys covered in dirt and germs.

Make sure to read the care instructions that came with your Tenderleaf toy. Follow the instructions and heed warnings.

How often should you clean your child’s Tenderleaf Toys

Many experts suggest cleaning toys regularly. Weekly cleaning has been often recommended. But as soon as you notice that your child’s toys are dirty, clean them right away.

Never soak or submerge

One thing you need to remember if you are cleaning Tenderleaf toys or any wooden toy for that matter is that wood is porous. What does this mean? It means that wood absorbs moisture and soaks up water. It would be extremely difficult to dry a wooden toy that has already absorbed huge amounts of water. Remember, mould and bacteria thrive in moist environments. Not only that, you would most likely end up warped or deformed toy.

Choose the right cleaning solution

Wood has natural antibacterial properties which means you really do not need strong cleaning products when cleaning Tenderleaf toys. Keep it natural as much as possible. Choose a mild cleaning soap or a natural one like Castille. Castille soap is vegetable based soap made from natural ingredients which is surprisingly versatile.

Baking soda and white vinegar or apple cider work well too. Use baking soda or sodium bicarbonate if you want to remove tough stains and white vinegar or apple cider when sanitising.

Use a spray bottle

Prepare your preferred cleaning solution in a spray bottle. Why spray bottle? Using a spray bottle helps you control the amount of liquid cleaning solution that goes into your Tenderleaf toy. This is particularly helpful for you not to end up drenching your precious Tenderleaf toy in liquid cleaning solution.

Spray your Tenderleaf toy with the cleaning solution from your spray bottle. Wipe using a clean damp cloth. Scrub with a sponge or soft bristle cleaning brush to remove any obvious dirt and grime. Make sure to only scrub lightly to avoid removing any paint. Remove excess cleaning solution by wiping your Tenderleaf toy with a dry cloth.

Dry overnight or under the sun. When sun drying, do not leave your Tenderleaf toy for a long period of hours otherwise the paint will start to peel off.

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