How to declutter and organise baby & toddler toys

How to declutter and organise toddler toys

Decluttering Toddler Toys

Baby & Toddler toys seem to accumulate at an alarming rate. Buying toys is fun for parents, grandparents, aunts, uncles and friends. If you go to a toddler party there’s a very real risk you’ll come home with more than you took and that most of it will break within days. Then there’s the fact that nothing keeps your little one quiet while you shop like a new toy from the charity shop, and soon you have a house full of toys.

Even those parents who have actively sought to minimise the number of toys they buy for their children will struggle to turn away gifts from well-meaning friends and relatives. And you don’t actually have to have that many toys to feel like your house has been taken over if you don’t have great storage or just don’t like the look of the toys.

Starting to declutter & the 20 toy rule

Starting to declutter.

  1. If sorting through your little one’s toys feels like a mammoth task start small. Instead of taking on all the toys start with vehicles or puzzles or soft toys, anything that will make it easier to handle and feel like you are making progress.
  2. If your child is old enough get them involved. This might mean that they want to keep every toy but it also gets them looking at toys they might not have played with for a while and thinking about the process of letting things go.
  3. Have a few bags/piles. One for broken toys or toys that are missing parts, one for toys for the charity shop/to give away, one to be put away for now and of course one to keep. This put away, for now, can be toys you know they have grown out of but they insist they still love that you can get rid of at a later date as well as toys that are maybe a bit too advanced for now.

Make the process fun for your little one, playing with toys they haven’t seen in a while, talking about who you might pass them on to and thinking about whether or not broken toys could be fixed or if they really need to be recycled or thrown away.

The 20 toy rule

The 20 toy rule can be particularly useful when decluttering as it gives you a focus. The premise is that so often our children have too many toys resulting in overwhelm and meaning none of the toys really get played with.

It doesn’t mean you can only have 20 toys in total, more that you only have 20 toys out and available at a time. This can have a huge impact on the amount of clutter, make toy cleaning and organisation much easier and save you tidy up time every day.

Toy rotation is a great way of making sure all toys get loved and played with. Or you might decide that the toys you put away really could go to a better home. You could donate them, pass them on to friends, or sell them to make money for more carefully selected toys when your little one outgrows their current stash.

Organising Toys

How you organise your toys will very much depend on your living space but one thing you should think about is having at least some toys on display. If children can see toys they will play with them, if they can’t they will forget about them and find something else.

Having an open storage unit or a shelf at a height they can reach is perfect. Having toys on display might also make you think a bit more about the toys that you bring into your home, and even encourage family and friends to buy similar toys.

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