How to Disinfect Baby Toys After Illness

How to disinfect toys

Generally a wipe down with a damp cloth is enough to keep your kids toys clean. However, if they get sick, or have a playdate with a poorly friend then you might want to clean their toys a bit more thoroughly, especially any they have been sick on or have been in their mouths.

And of course it goes without saying that if you or your child is sick you should be extra vigilant when it comes to hand washing as this will massively reduce the risk of germs spreading.

The difference between cleaning and disinfecting

Cleaning physically removes dirt and germs, whereas disinfecting kills them and stops them in their tracks. It is always important to clean before you disinfect to ensure toys are germ-free.

The best ways to disinfect baby toys

As with general cleaning, how you disinfect toys will depend on what the toy is made of, and how big they are.

If toys can go in the dishwasher this makes things easy as most dishwashing detergent will contain a disinfectant. Otherwise, you will need to clean the surface of the toys with something that will kill any germs.

If you have a baby then the chances are you have some Milton in the house. As well as sterilising bottles and dummies you can also use Milton to sterilise toys. For toys that can be submerged make up a solution and give them a soak. Remove toys, rinse and allow them to dry.

Milton can also be sprayed onto toys that can’t be submerged and wiped off. Make sure you read the instructions and leave on for long enough to ensure disinfection takes place.

Alternatively diluted bleach can also be used to disinfect toys. A teaspoon of bleach in 5 litres of water is strong enough to kill germs yet still be safe for your child.

If you have soft toys that need disinfecting check to see if they can go in the washing machine. Most can on a wool cycle. A cool cycle is less likely to damage toys but isn’t much good if you are trying to sterilise so add a bit of laundry sanitiser to make sure you get rid of any nasties.

Disinfecting toys without chemicals

If you are wary of using harsh chemicals on kids toys you’ll be pleased to know that a 50/50 mix of white vinegar and water does the job just as well. This can be used on wooden toys, plastic toys and to soak bath toys.

For non-porous toys spray on and leave for 15 minutes, then wipe with a clean damp cloth and let dry.

For wooden toys apply the vinegar solution with a clean cloth, leave for a couple of minutes and wipe off with another damp cloth then let air dry.

Now you know how easy it is to clean baby toys have a look at what makes a good baby toy here.

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