How to Get Rid of Baby Bad Breath

We generally think of babies smelling pretty good. In fact that new born baby smell, is for many people one of their smells of all time ranking up there with freshly baked bread or fresh ground coffee. Bad breath is not something you generally associate with babies or toothbrushing for that matter. So what causes bad breath in babies and how do you get rid of it?

What Causes Bad Breath in Babies?

Bad breath doesn’t often occur in babies but it does sometimes, and it can also occur for toddlers and young children. One of the reasons babies don’t suffer bad breath as often as adults is that they don’t have teeth and they drink only milk.

Interestingly breast milk actually contains white blood cells that get rid of bacteria, and babies produce lots of saliva that helps keep their mouths clean. However, babies do sometimes get bad breath which is usually a sign of an underlying issue that should be addressed.

So what are the possible causes of bad breath in babies and toddlers?

Foriegn objects.

First things first you want to check your baby’s mouth for foreign objects. It might sound strange but bits of food can easily get lodged in their mouths and cause a bad smell over time.

Regular dental hygiene will help to prevent this. You can start cleaning your babies mouth with a soft cloth or a finger brush before they have teeth. Not only will you remove any foreign objects and bacteria but you also get them used to the idea of having you clean their mouths ready for toothbrushing.


Even if they don’t have teeth bateria can still cause bad breath. This often comes from toys that they put in their mouths, a pacifier, a favorite blanket or even their thumb or fingers. Keep pacifiers and toys and other items that go in their mouths as clean as possible and again regularly clean their mouths not forgetting the tongue.


Often bad breath can be caused by illness. Either an infection of the throat or enlarged tonsills or sinusitis or a stuffy nose could cause bad breath. Blocked noses cause little ones to breath through their mouths leading to a dry mouth and not enough saliva to keep washing bacteria away.

Acid Reflux

Babies often suffer from reflux where milk gets regurgitated into the mouth or throat. There are a number of things you can do to help with this including giving them smaller, more frequent meals and keeping them upright for 30 minutes or so after feeding.

How to Get Rid of Bad Breath in Babies

As you can see, treating bad breath in babies will depend on the cause. Cleaning babies teeth twice a day and their mouths before they have teeth will help if it’s bacteria or foreign objects that are causing the problem but if you think it’s related to any illness or possible tooth decay then you should seek advice from a doctor or dentist.


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