How to Heal an Armpit Rash From Natural Deodorant?


How to heal an armpit rash from natural deodorant

Unfortunately for some people the transition to a chemical-free natural deodorant can have its challenges. Ultimately how easy the transition is will depend on your own natural chemistry and sensitivities. While many people will transition seamlessly others will have to go through a detox period and some may find they need to try and few different brands before they find a natural deodorant that works for them. Whether using a deodorant cream or a deodorant stick.

One relatively common problem people experience is an armpit rash that develops after making the switch. While going through a transition is normal if you develop discomfort or a rash this could be a sign that the deodorant you are using isn’t compatible with your skin and you should try another formula.

What causes an armpit rash when switching to natural deodorant?

There are a number of reasons you might develop a rash from using a new deodorant. Your underarm skin is actually very sensitive. It’s thinner than a lot of the skin on your body and is a dark moist area that is the perfect place for bacteria.

Sodium bicarbonate is used in many natural deodorants as it’s effective at neutralising odour and keeping you dry. However, sodium bicarbonate is very alkaline and your sweat is naturally acidic. If you have particularly acidic sweat, and each of us is different, the reaction between the two can cause a burning sensation and a rash.

Even without the addition of sweat sodium bicarbonate is a mild irritant and so high levels can cause irritant dermatitis over time. People with very sensitive skin or eczema may be more susceptible to this than others.

Although sodium bicarbonate may be the culprit, essential oils or any of the other ingredients could also cause a reaction. The good news is there is almost certainly a natural deodorant that will work for you. Also you can get a natural deodorants which are specially made for sensitive skin, they don't have bicarbonate of soda and some don't have essential oils in. We have a range of deodorants for sensitive skin.

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An armpit rash can also develop simply from chafing as when you stop using an antiperspirant you will sweat more, initially at least, which can lead to irritation. Interestingly this is probably the most common cause of underarm irritation.

How to heal a rash

The first step in healing a rash is to stop using whatever you think it might have been that caused it. If you are new to natural deodorant and still in the first month of use then you may find you can try again once the transition period is over, but until then it’s always better to be safe than sorry.

Keep the area clean and dry. Air drying is best as friction caused by using a towel can further irritate a rash.

Then there are a few things you can dry to help speed up the healing process.

  • Moisturise the area. Coconut or sunflower oil works well.

  • Cleanse the area with diluted apple cider vinegar to heal and balance PH.

  • Prevent friction and moisture with arrowroot powder.

  • Put down the razor. At least until the rash heals, and then try and shave at night and apply deodorant in the morning.

  • Switch to a deodorant that doesn’t contain sodium bicarbonate or essential oils. Although you can try these again at a later date.

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