How to make a Christmas eve box (plastic free)


How to make a Christmas Eve Box (Plastic-Free)

It’s official, boxes on Christmas Eve are now a thing. This modern tradition is spreading rapidly and we think it might just stick as it’s a lovely way to package up the things you would be giving or doing on Christmas eve anyway.

If you’ve not heard of a Christmas eve box before (they really have only appeared in the last few years) it’s basically a box of goodies that you give on Christmas eve to add to and perhaps temper the excitement. Find out more here.

For many parents it’s been adopted as a way to add a bit of wind downtime to the end of the day, give a pair of Christmas Pj’s so kids look cute for photo’s Christmas morning, and give a few things to keep them entertained.

So where do you start and how do you make a Christmas eve box?

Making your box

First things first you need to make (or buy) a box. Buying is easy and depending on your budget there are loads of options available, plenty of which are plastic-free. A simple wooden box or crate seems to be the most popular choice and you can either get them plain, with a Christmas message or personalised for your child or family.

The other option is to make your box. A shoe box is a great starting point as it has a lid. And you can decorate it any way you choose. Alternatively, you could repurpose any number of things. A pillowcase, a basket, a biscuit tin or a gift bag could all be used.

There’s no need to spend heaps of money, or any money at all for that matter, and if you do buy something it’s worth choosing something you can put away and use again next year and for many years to come.

If you are making a Christmas eve box for someone other than immediate family, or they aren’t going to be with you Christmas eve you might not want to invest too much time or money in the box itself. Unless of course, you can ask for it back so you can do the same again next year.

Filling the box

Once you have your box, bag, basket or crate it’s just about filling it with nice things. We love the idea of keeping it plastic-free and there are plenty of great options that fit that criterion. A Christmas book or puzzle (that you can put in the box again in future years) is always a winner, and we love the idea of hot chocolate and a movie to wind down before bed.

A nice bottle of wine (or drink of choice) and a glass to drink it from and Christmas candle (natural of course) is perfect for adults and slippers or cosy socks are great for every age.

Basically the idea is don’t stress about it. Fill it with things that make Christmas eve great and add a bit of extra magic by putting it all in a special box.

And if you like the idea but feel like your kids have enough sweet treats already why not mix it up a bit and have them make a Christmas eve box for someone else. This could be a lovely thing to do with Children in the run-up to Christmas but delivering a care package to someone on Christmas eve would be even more special.