How to Make Your Bathroom Plastic Free

Green Bathroom

There are plenty of great options when it comes to reducing your plastic footprint. From zero waste toiletries to reusable kitchen roll. If you are looking to reduce your plastic waste the bathroom is a great place to start. It tends to be packed full of plastic and there are lots of great alternatives that are readily available.

When it comes to plastic waste small changes can make a big difference. And a quick scan of your bathroom will most likely reveal plenty of easy swaps that you can make without changing your daily routine.

Plastic free cotton buds

Cotton buds are amongst the top items that get found washed up on beaches and we've all seen the picture of the adorable seahorse clutching onto a cotton bud. The good news is that plastic-free cotton buds are now easy to buy and work in exactly the same way.

We love the bamboo ones as they are nice and sturdy and you can simply put them in your garden compost when you're done.

Eco-friendly Soap bars

Bars of soap are making a comeback and there are now numerous plastic-free options available. This is a great switch to make in your bathroom, both for washing your hands by the sink and for washing your hair and body in the shower.

Shampoo as we know it today didn't even exist until the 1930s and shower gels are also a relatively new invention so going back to bars of soap shouldn't be too much of a stretch for most people.

And if you really can't face switching to bar soap, why not find somewhere you can refill your bottles or buy in large containers instead?

Oral hygiene without the plastic

Next time you buy a toothbrush, which unless you use an electric one is likely to be in the next few months, take the plunge and opt for plastic-free. Bamboo toothbrushes are just as effective as their plastic counterparts yet far less damaging to the planet.

You can also replace your toothpaste, mouthwash and dental floss with plastic-free options. The toothpaste might take a bit of getting used to but the toothbrushes really don't.

Ditch disposable razors

If you shave your legs, face or any other part of your body with a disposable razor you'll know how quickly you can get through them, and like toothbrushes, that's a lot of single-use plastic ending up in the bin.

The good news is there are great reusable options here as well. A double edge safety razor is easy to use, effective (just check the reviews) and plastic-free. The only bit you have to replace is the blade and that can be recycled.

Switch your deodorant

Deodorants or antiperspirants are another product that most people use every day and that usually come in a plastic package. However, you can get effective natural deodorants without the plastic that are better for the planet and your body.

For more tips on getting rid of plastic and other waste in your bathroom check out our zero waste bathroom tips here.

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