How to Manage a Growing Beard


Growing a beard

Many guys have the misconception that growing a beard is easy. While this might be true to some guys who can grow a beard with little to no attention and still look good, most of us need to learn how to properly maintain and manage a growing beard. So there are a few tips on how to properly manage your growing beard.

How do you maintain a beard while growing it out?

There’s no consistent way of maintaining a beard while growing it out. The simple fact that everyone of us has different kinds of facial hair means that there are different ways to approach beard maintenance.

How you maintain your beard depends on a lot of things and knowing what kind or how your facial hair grows is the first step of beard care. Some guys grow a patchy beard which means they’ll need to grow it a little bit longer than usual. While those with full beard might need regular trimming.

Washing your beard is also important. It helps remove dirt, oil and sometimes grime from your beard. While you might want to wash your beard daily to remove excess oil, there’s a downside to washing your beard everyday. Our skin produces natural oils which helps maintain texture of your beard. What these oils do is they help lock in moisture, keeping your beard soft and smooth. If you decide to wash your beard as often as you can because you can’t stand an oily beard, make sure to apply moisturiser to your beard after every washing.

Will trimming your beard help it grow?

Yes, in most cases trimming the beard helps make it grow faster. For instance, removing split ends or those stray beard hairs can provide room for new beard hair to grow. Additionally, you might want to occasionally trim your beard to even it out. However you should manage your expectations. Trimming might work for others but might not work for you.

Using beard oil and beard balm

Beard oil and beard balm are wonderful beard care products that allow you to moisturise and soften your beard especially after every wash. These products also help keep your beard looking healthy and smelling fresh and clean.

Since beards vary in length, type and thickness, there’s no definitive rule to using beard oil and bear balm. However, read the instructions and you should still follow the suggestions of the manufacturer of the beard care product.

To apply beard oil, pour a few drops (usually 3-5 drops) into your palm using a dropper. Rub your hands together and gently massage your beard. Make sure to apply the beard oil into your entire beard and it’s evenly distributed. You might need a beard comb if you have a long beard.

Depending on how long and thick your beard is, you might need a pea-sized amount of beard balm or maybe more if you have a thicker and longer beard. You can use your fingers to scoop out the beard balm from the container. Rub both of your hands and gently massage your beard and skin.

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