How to Maximize Learning Using a Shape Sorter

Teaching basic shapes and colours sounds like a simple task yet it could be challenging. Children learn at their own pace and each child has strengths in different areas. But you could make learning fun and engaging for your child. Little kids learn through play which is why many experts recommend using toys as early learning tools. A good example of these kinds of toys is a shape sorter. It’s a toy rarely marketed as educational but still teaches children. It is a wonderful early learning tool to teach children basic shapes and colours.

Shape Sorter

A shape sorter is a sorting toy which comes with a set of shape pieces and a sorter with holes. Playing with it is very simple. Fit the shape piece into the corresponding hole in the sorter. Once all the pieces are in the sorter, you can try again by opening the lid and taking out the pieces inside.


There’s many reasons why you should buy your child a shape sorter. It makes teaching shapes and colours fun and engaging. And at the same time, it has other developmental benefits. It develops fine motor skills, hand-eye coordination, problem-solving and many more. Your child needs these skills to perform daily tasks when she grows older.

Using the small muscles in the hands and fingers helps develop fine motor skills. A shape sorter is a good toy for developing these skills. At first, it might take many attempts for your child to fit the right pieces into the sorter. You can encourage her to keep on going until she figures out what pieces fit which holes. This will develop her problem-solving skills.

Tips for Maximising Learning

Your child may have difficulties fitting the shapes into the correct holes in the sorter. But that’s okay especially if it’s her first time playing with the toy. Shape sorters are suitable for pre-verbal kids. This means your child can play alone. You can leave her to figure things out on her own. Or you can guide her by giving her hints and encourage her not to give up. Use simple sentences when talking to her. It makes it easier for her to understand and follow what you’re saying.

There are many ways to get the most out of your child’s shape sorter. For instance, you can encourage your child to name a shape before fitting it right into the sorter. You can teach them how to count by telling them how many sides a shape has. You can also ask them to count the number of blocks and holes in the sorter. Another fun way is to place all the shapes in front of your child. Ask her to find a piece and place it into the sorter.

Most sorters come with a set of colourful shape pieces. You can use them to teach your child basic colours. For example, you can ask her to group shapes that are of the same colour.

Additional Tips

You can search online for more tips. There are many blogs and articles online about early learning. Youtube is a good place to search for guides and tips for fun learning activities.


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