How to Store Bath Toys


Bath Toys

Kids love bath toys and they are a great way to keep them entertained while you get them clean. Not to mention the sensory, physical and developmental benefits of bath time play.

But what do you do with all these toys once bath time is over?

Obviously no-one wants to be tripping over toys that are strewn all over the floor or the bottom of the tub. But there’s also the fact that if you don’t store them correctly you massively increase the risk of bacteria and mould forming on all those lovely toys.

The importance of letting bath toys dry

The first and probably most important thing to consider when thinking about storing bath toys is the fact that bath toys need to dry out. This is key if you want to stop bath toys getting mouldy.

Note: Squirty toys are notoriously hard to keep from getting mouldy so you may find you are better off avoiding them.

This means that when you are choosing toy storage for the bathroom you want to choose something with drainage holes and good airflow to help toys dry quickly. Choosing appropriate storage means you can put toys away wet straight after the bath and even get the kids to help when they are bigger.

There are plenty of options for good bath toy storage. A fishing net style bath scoop that attaches to the side of the bath, baskets with drainage holes or mesh bags all work well. All that really matters is that the toys aren’t sitting in dirty bathwater getting slimy and yucky.

Some ideas we’ve seen that might work for you include:

  • Purpose made bath storage including bath scoops and mesh nets. These tend to be brightly coloured, appeal to children and generally add to bath time fun. Mesh bags are great as you can chuck them in the washing machine when they inevitably need a clean.
  • Wire baskets. Anything from purpose-made shower caddies to a shopping basket would work depending on the number of toys you need to store. And there’ll be no problem with drainage or airflow.
  • Reusable string shopping bags are just as useful for storing toys as they are for taking shopping. They can be machine washed when needed. And you can hang them anywhere you have a hook.

Keeping toys in reach

Keeping toys in reach is great as it means that kids can be involved in tidying away their toys when bath time is over. Anything with suction cups that will stick to tiles or the side of the bath is good for this. And there are plenty of fun options to make tidy up time into a fun bath-time game.

Obviously the only issue here is that they are right there when you want to have a bath as well. Fine for every day but maybe not what you were hoping for when you go for a relaxing soak with candles and bath salts.