How to Use a Wobbel Board


A Wobbel balance board is a pretty incredible toy, and chances are if you are asking how to use one you are neither a child nor in possession of a Wobbel.

Children rarely need instruction when it comes to toys, especially those that are designed to be open-ended. Even if these are the ones that as adults we have the most questions about.

Children on the other hand are still very much in tune with their creativity and use their imaginations almost constantly. Meaning that when they see a curved piece of wood they automatically know they can sit or stand in it and rock it like a boat, they can turn it over and use it to reach something high, or they can prop it against something and use it as a slide or build a den with it.

But because we know it’s the adults that have to part with their hard-earned cash in the first place to buy the toys. Here are a few ways you can use a Wobbel Board.

As a balance board or Rocker Board

The primary and most obvious way to use a Wobbel board is as a balance board. These are strong, curved boards made from laminated beech wood, unless you get the bamboo version. And they are designed to be stood upon and rocked back and forth.

You can rock forward and back or side to side and it’s great fun to dance in time to music to develop their rhythm as well as balance and strength. If you have more than one child or they have a friend over they can also practise using the board together. Focusing not only on their own coordination but how to work in harmony with each other.

But Wobbels aren’t just for rocking on. You can actually use your balance board both ways up for loads of great exercises and poses that are perfect for building strength, stability and confidence at any age.

Wobbel have kindly put together a PDF that is free to download with loads of ideas of how to use your Wobbel. There are 24 numbered cards that each show a pose or a movement to try as well as an explanation of how to do it, variations you can try, and information about the parts of the body that each pose strengthens and benefits.

They’ve even given a couple of game suggestions to get kids moving and playing together.

As well as being a balance board the Wobbel is a toddler-sized workbench which is also a fantastic open-ended toy that your child is sure to find a wide variety of uses for both practical and playful.

Practical uses include a lovely rocking recliner to snuggle up on while reading or watching a movie, a step, a stool and even a low table for drawing or snacking.

More playful uses include as a ramp or bridge for cars, as part of an obstacle course, as a slide, as part of a den and in conjunction with other toys. A Wobbel make a great hill for animals to live on, a great boat for sailing off on adventures, and a fantastic cave for dinosaurs.


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