How to Use Bambino Mio Boosters

bambino mio

The mioboost is a flat insert or booster which will help make your nappies last longer. As your child grows they will begin to need more absorbency in their nappy. In order to make the nappies last longer you can add booster or mioboosts (same thing, just a fancy name for booster) to the inside of the nappy.

The mioboost is Super absorbent flat insert which can be used alone for newborn and small babies or as a booster inside any reusable nappy to maximise absorbency. The mioboost can be used with both the miosolo nappy system and the mioduo nappy system. They can also actually be used with any reusable nappy to provide additional absorbency.

The mioboost is onesize meaning it can be used from birth to potty, in other words you can use from baby to toddler. You will probably find that you wonít need to use this on a newborn baby. They tend to poo little and often so donít usually need to be boosted.

The mioboost is Super absorbent to keep wetness away and can absorb several times its own weight. Remember like all boosters, they will add bulk to nappies so if you donít like a bulky nappy bum, it's better to change more frequently. Also remember that you need to ensure that you can still close the nappy once you have put your boosters in, so it's best not to overstuff a nappy.

The mioboost is actually unusual for a cloth nappy booster in that it has a Stay dry top layer. This keeps moisture away from your baby's skin, leaving it cool and dry. This also means that you can use the booster as a top layer, next to the baby's skin. Most boosters donít come with a stay dry layer and you would normally add a stay dry layer on top of them. So remember if you are using a mioboost donít add another stay dry layer. When you add 2 stay dry layers together they actually repel against each other and may cause wicking or leaking.

The mioboost is made from polyester. This means it's not as good as absorbing as bamboo or hemp or even cotton. However it does mean that it will dry very fast. If you have bad drying facilities this might be good for you. However, if you want a lot of absorbency you might be better looking at other more absorbent materials. We love hemp and cotton mix for boosters, especially for older children who do big super wees!

You can add boosters just at night time to help the nappy get all the way through the night without needing to be changed. Or you can just add one in the daytime if your child is beginning to outwee their nappy.

You wash the mioboost the same way you wash your nappies, just put them in the bucket with the nappies and wash and dry along with them.

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