How to Use Bambino Mio Nappies

Bambino Mio are a UK based cloth nappy brand. They have two types of nappies, the miosolo and the mioduo. These are just quite posh ways of saying an all in one nappy and a two piece nappy. They are used very differently so it's important to work out which nappy you have so you know which one to use.

The MioSolo All in ONe Nappy

The miosolo are an all in one nappy. It's a one size nappy and they state it fits from 8-35llbs. However, it's a very very big fitting nappy and I have not found that it comfortably fits below 12lbs. It's a very long fitting nappy so will suit children who are longer or taller better.

As the name suggests it's an all-in-one or one piece nappy. This means when you change the nappy, you change the whole complete nappy, just like disposable nappies. This makes it a very very simple and easy to use nappy so great for childminders or even grandads to use.

To use the miosolo simply prepare yourself the same way you would prepare if using a disposable nappy. Have your nappy changing station ready with your wipes, your changing mat and whatever accessories you would normally use. It's also useful to have your nappy bucket or wet bag near to hand. A lot of people find it's useful to keep the nappy bucket by the changing table, so you can pop the dirty nappies straight into it.

Cloth nappies fit slightly differently to disposable nappies. With disposables you will fit the nappy right up on the waist, however with cloth nappies you will fit them slightly lower down. It's important to fit the nappy and be aware they are worn slightly lower down than disposables.

The mio solo is a onesize nappy. This means you can adjust the nappy to suit the size of your baby. You can do this using the adjustable poppers on the front to go to small, medium or completely open for the largest setting.

The miosolo has a stay dry layer attached. This allows the moisture to go through to the absorbent core but keeps your baby nice and dry. This means you don’t need to add any more fleece liners or stay dry liners. You can add paper liners to catch any solids which you then flush down the toilet.


The MioDuo Two Piece Nappy System

This system is traditionally called a prefold or flat nappy system. You have your inner prefolds, the absorbent bit and then the outer waterproof wraps. When changing these nappies you only change the inner prefold, then every 2-3 changes or when soiled you change the outer wap. This is most like the old fashioned terry towel nappies.

To use these nappies is a little more difficult in comparison to an all in one nappy, however there are economic benefits to using cotton prefolds, they are much cheaper and will last much longer. You get your flat prefold, and fold it into three, then place this inside the water proof wrap. Then put this on your baby. Note that there is no stay dry liner so if you want to keep babies bum nice and dry you will need to add this in, along with a paper liner.


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