How to use Himalayan salt lamps

Himalayan Salt Lamps

Using your Himalayan salt lamp is simple. Choose a spot, plug it in and enjoy the soft amber glow. Perfect for relaxing in the evening, using as a nightlight and adding a cosy atmosphere to any room. Himalayan salt lamps are perfect for therapy rooms, yoga studios, offices, waiting rooms, living rooms and bedrooms. The soft light won’t disrupt your circadian rhythms meaning they are perfect if you do struggle to sleep. And the colour of a Himalayan salt lamp is known to be soothing and relaxing.

But beyond the beauty and the soft glow are there any other ways to use a Himalayan salt lamp?

Where Himalayan salt lamps come from

Himalayan salt lamps are made from Himalayan rock salt which is mined from the Punjab region of Pakistan in the foothills of the Himalayas. It was deposited around 500 million years ago when an inland sea evaporated and tectonic shifts have led to it being sealed in by rocks and pushed up to form mountain peaks.

Chemically, the salt used in Himalayan salt lamps is very similar to your average table salt, but contains higher levels of some trace minerals that give the salt a pinkish hue and are responsible for many of the health claims you may have heard.

Health benefits attributed to salt

Salt has been a valuable commodity for thousands of years thanks to its many uses. We use it to season and preserve our food, it makes water boil at a higher temperature and keeps cheeses and milk fresher. It’s used for cleaning everything from copper to carpets and we use it to set the dye on our clothes.

Salt has also long been used for health and beauty. You can gargle it to heal a sore throat, make an eyewash with or use it to clean cuts and other wounds. Soak your feet or your whole body to relieve fatigue or massage with a salt scrub to remove dry skin.

The body also needs a certain amount of salt to function properly. We need it to maintain fluid balance, use our muscles, send nerve impulses and prevent low blood pressure.

But will having a Himalayan salt lamp improve breathing, aid sleep, clean the air, and treat depression?

Using your salt lamp

At present most of the beneficial claims for Himalayan salt lamps come from anecdotal evidence that can be loosely backed up by science. Most of the benefits of using Himalayan salt lamps would come from the production of negative ions which have been shown to have benefits on mood, anxiety, sleep, and general health. You can test this for yourself by spending time at the ocean or by a waterfall.

It’s unclear how many if any negative ions are released when you turn on your Himalayan salt lamp but one thing we do know is that you need your Himalayan salt lamp to heat up to get these benefits so make sure you’re not using an LED bulb if this is what you are after.

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