How to Use Little Lamb Pocket Nappies

How to Use Little Lamb Pocket Nappies

What are Pocket Nappies?

Little Lamb Pocket nappies are basically an all in one nappy. When you change the nappy, you change the entire nappy in one go. I classify nappies as one piece nappies and two piece nappies. Whilst a pocket nappy is made up of two pieces, when you put it all together and when you change it, you change it as one piece, therefore it is classified as a one piece nappy.

One piece nappies are super easy to use and very popular. Because they come apart to wash and dry, they dry very very quickly so are ideal for families with limited drying facilities. 

Pocket Nappies Sizes

Little lamb pocket nappies can be either one size which fits 10-30lbs or you can get a sized version which fits 7-15lbs, size 2 which fits 15-35lbs and size 3 which is 30lbs+. Not everyone will need a size 3 nappy. The onesize nappies has rows of poppers on the front which are used to make the length of the nappy smaller and larger. 

Parts of a Pocket Nappy

The pocket nappy consists of an outer waterproof shell, which has a stay dry layer sewn onto it. This outer cover is made from stretchy knit material. The layer has an opening at the top. In this opening you put the pocket insert into. When washing pocket nappies always remember to remove the pocket inserts before you wash them. Whilst not essential, it does give them a better wash. Because the nappy comes apart it dries very quickly.

Adding Absorbency

To make your pocket nappy last longer you can put in additional inserts or boosters inside the pocket. You do not need to use additional stay dry layers as the inner has a layer sewn in. Younger children will probably just need one, and as they get older you can add more. Again you don’t need to stick to the Littlelamb pocket inserts, any booster or insert will do. For example for a very heavy wetter you might want to add in hemp boosters to make them last much longer.

Disposable Paper Liner

Again you don’t need to use an additional liner, it is a personal choice. I never did but my husband always did! A paper liner catches any solids however solids tend to ‘roll’ off stay dry liners and with pocket nappies you have no chance of the stay dry liner falling into the toilet!

Fitting the Pocket Nappy

The benefits of pocket nappies is that because once you ‘stuff’ the insert into the pocket, they are just like using disposables. Very simple and easy to put on in one go and take off in one go.

Scrunch the nappy up through the legs and fasten at the top. Ensure on the onesize pocket you have snapped the poppers to the right size setting before starting.

fitting a little lamb pocket nappy

Again, once you have fastened the closures do the ‘finger’ test. This means the nappy should be tight enough to just about allow a finger in the gap. Any tighter and it is too tight and uncomfortable, any looser and it will leak.

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