How to use reusable food wraps

Our guide on how to use reusable food wraps

Choose the right wrap and you can use a reusable food wrap for pretty much anything you would use clingfilm for whether that's covering leftovers in the fridge, stopping you cheese from going crusty at the edges or wrapping up your sandwiches for lunchtime.

You can choose either wax wraps, made with either beeswax or a vegan alternative, fabric wraps with a waterproof inner layer and velcro fastening, or even stretchy silicone lids to cover bowls, plates and jars.

Choosing the best wrap for your needs is the first step and will make the process of using them easier and more effective.

You also need to make sure your wrap is the right size, unlike cling film you can’t just pull as much as you like off the roll, so if you plan on wrapping up loaves of bread or covering big casserole dishes you'll need to make sure you have a big enough wrap. And if you often want to save half an avocado or lemon or cover a jar it's worth having a few little ones as well.

How to use wax reusable food wraps

Wax wraps are great because they are self-adhesive meaning that provided the wrap you have is big enough you can use them to wrap or cover pretty much anything.

They are great for covering bowls of leftovers in the fridge, amazing for keeping cheese in tip-top condition, and much better than plastic for keeping herbs and other veggies fresh. They will mould to any shape you wish and you simply need the warmth of your hands to make them stick to themselves or the side of the bowl.

To use simply wrap your chosen food and hold for a few moments with warm hands to secure. When you've finished using the wrap, hand wash, allow to air dry and put away to use again.

If well looked after wax wraps should last about a year even with regular use. And once they are no longer usable they make great fire starters or can be composted.

Top tip: Wax wraps are also super handy if need a little extra grip to get a jar open.

Random fact: Wax wraps appear not to like pineapple. Oh and you shouldn’t use them for raw meat.

Warning: Wax wraps don’t like heat. They need to be hand-washed using warmish water and a little gentle dish soap. They don’t like the microwave and don’t make the mistake of hanging them to dry on the mixer tap.

How to use sandwich wraps

Sandwich wraps like the Boc N Roll and Keep Leaf wraps are designed specifically for sandwiches. Although you can wrap anything that will fit, and they are great for fruit, pies, pastries, and sweet treats, they aren’t ideal for covering a bowl as you don’t get a seal in the same way you do with wax wraps or silicone.

What you do get however is a very durable food wrap that doubles as a placemat and can be cleaned in the washing machine. These wraps will generally last much longer than wax wraps and are great for lunchboxes and picnics.

To use simply place your sandwiches in the center of the wrap, fold in the edges, roll up and secure with the velcro tab. When you are done you can either wipe clean and use again, or give them a proper wash in the machine.

Top tip: Boc N Roll are good with heat and cold so you can put them in the freezer or use them to wrap up a bacon sandwich or toasty warm pasty.

Random fact: You can fit four rounds of sandwiches in a Boc N Roll (depending on how thick the bread is of course).

Warning: Although Boc N Roll can withstand temperatures up to 120 degrees they should not be used in the microwave as fats in the food could reach a higher temperature than this.

We take a closer look at how does Boc N Roll work here.

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