How to Wash Bambino Mio Nappies

Washing Bambino Mio nappies is done the same way you would wash all reusable or cloth nappies. Don’t panic, don’t read too much nonsense on the internet. Remember, people have been washing nappies for hundreds of years.

When you first get your nappies

Once you have your nappies they will need to be prewashed. There are two reasons for pre washing. The first is to remove any manufacturing dust and oil residue. This is done like you would do for all new clothes, especially baby clothes. Just wash once and you are good to go. However, some cloth nappies require extra prewashing to get to full absorbency. They literally become more absorbent as you wash them.

To make it slightly complicated, not all cloth nappies need this, only NATURAL fabric nappies. Those made from cotton and hemp. So Mioduo nappies, which are made from cotton, will need to be prewashed up to 10 times before they are at full absorbency. However Miosolo nappies, which are polyester, only need to be prewashed once to remove residue. Washing them more than once won’t add anything to their absorbency levels.

How to store dirty nappies

Before you go to store your dirty nappies, it is important to deal with the ‘solids’ or poop. If you have used a paper liner, most of this will be flushed down the toilet. If you are just using a stay dry liner, it's important to shake any solids into the toilet and flush it away before you store your nappies.

Again, this depends on your nappies and which cloth nappy system you are using. It is important that you wash all Bambino Mio products in accordance with the washing instructions on the individual garment label. People used to store terry nappies in buckets of water, to keep them soft and to stop any stains setting in. This is known as wet pailing. However, this is no longer required and actually, for miosolo nappies, soaking nappies is not advised. However for mio duo nappies, you can soak the inner nappy, but definitely don’t soak the outer wraps. If you choose to wet pail your mio duo nappies, you can use a few drops of essential oils to keep the bucket smelling fresh.

Today most people dry pail their nappies. This is american terminology, however it basically means storing your nappies in your nappy bucket or wet bag, without any water. When you wash your nappies, either open up the wet bag and put directly into the machine. Or if using a nappy bucket lined with a nappy mesh, lift the mesh bag out of the bucket and transfer into the washing machine. The downsides of using a nappy bucket to a nappy wet bag is that you will need to wash the bucket once you have started to wash your nappies. When you use a wet bag, the wet bag is thrown into the washing machine so there is nothing extra to wash!

Washing your nappies

I always put nappies on a prewash or pre rinse before I wash them, without any washing powder. This is ideal to sluice out the nappies.

Bambino Mio sells special nappy washing powder, however any washing powder will do. Whether you use bio or non bio is a personal choice. I recommend using bio for washing nappies, but always check with manufacturers who may have specific guidelines regarding powder types.

Always use enough to clean your nappies but not leave any residue. The amount you use depends on the load size, your machine and your water. To work out how much to use, use enough to ensure the nappies are cleaned but no bubbles are left when rinsing. There should also be no smell when they are dry.

Do not use fabric softener when washing as this can affect the absorbency of your nappies.

Using Nappy Sanitiser

Bambino Mio makes miofresh sanitiser and recommends adding 2 heaped tablespoons of miofresh natural laundry cleanser to your washing detergent drawer. However, this is not something that is needed and if you wash your nappies at 60°C every week or so, or when your child is sick, they will be sanitised. It is not recommended to always wash at 60°C as this will reduce the life of the fabric of the nappies, therefore reducing their lifespan.

Drying your Nappies

We recommend line drying your nappies where possible. Nappies can be tumble dried on low but again this will reduce their lifespan. Never iron nappies!


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