Environmentally Friendly Hygiene Products

The way we produce and consume is destroying our planet. But there are ways to help! Enter Hydrophil - who were so passionate about making a difference by helping instead of harming their world founded Hydrophil with one mission: create a sustainable full hygiene range which is - water-neutral, vegan & fair using renewable raw materials.

Sustainable Bathroom - How to Reduce Your Eco Footprint

The Hydrophil range of natural personal care products clean teeth and gums without harming the environment. Their products are made from a combination of earth-friendly, naturally derived ingredients and zero waste - all packaging is plastic-free.

Plant-Based Ingredients

Hydrophil just use sustainable ingredients which are palm oil free and have no chemical additives.

The hydrophil range is vegan and cruelty free.

How Hydrophil Started

Three friends from Hamburg — Christoph, Wanja and Sebastian — have a passion for doing good. They were sick of damaging the environment for their daily hygiene needs, so they created Hydrophil, a planet friendly brand of personal care products that require minimal water consumption. By selling beauty products that don't damage the planet, the trio hopes to help more people feel good about themselves — and do good in the process.

Hydrophil Has A Mission

Hydrophil's commitment to sustainability starts with minimal use of water, they strive to be water-neutral. They use bamboo, grown without the artificial irrigation of non-renewable materials, in all their products, and only create products that do not contain harmful additives or mineral oils.

Minimal water consumption means using methods that don’t waste water through unnecessary or excessive use.

Hydrophil Personal Care Products

Hydrophil's products are better for the environment because they're have no plastic packaging and made from materials that leave little to no waste when they're consumed and biodegrade within a few weeks. The company's sustainable water consumption is also evident in its production process, which uses minimal amounts of water to make high quality personal care products that belong in everyone's bathroom, ensuring more people have access to clean drinking water.

They stand behind our belief that every product should be created with care for the environment, local workers, and animals. Our entire collection of interdental toothbrushes and other hygienic items are eco friendly, fair-trade, and vegan. They're also plastic free — meaning they can biodegrade.

The range producted by the company includes lip balms, sustainable toothbrushes, bamboo interdental brushes, none of which pollute our planet. 

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