Ice Cream Cart Toy

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Kids love ice cream and they are an ice cream cart toy away from being a true ice cream expert.

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Bigjigs Ice Cream Cart Toy
Tender Leaf Toys Ice Cream Cart

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These toys make for a fun and imaginative playtime. Your kids can role play for hours, stimulating their imagination and sparking their creativity. You can also use these toys to teach your kids their first colours and how to count. The tactile nature and wooden texture of these toys bring your kid closer to nature. These toys are made from eco-friendly materials like wood and recycled plastic, finished with non-toxic water-based paint. All our toys are safe for your kids and the environment.

We have carefully selected toys from toy makers and brands that are known for their commitment to our environment. Itís important to set our kids to a path of sustainable lifestyle at an early age. We can do so by buying toys made from sustainable materials like wood. Wooden toys have a timeless appeal to them and some families even passed them down from one generation to the next.

Role playing toys are powerful early learning tools. They encourage make-believe play which is essential in every kid's development. When kids engage in role playing, the activity stimulates your kids' imagination and creativity. Whatever kind of pretend play, your kid's exercise their brains to think creatively and independently. Using our imagination is a cognitive skill your kids need later in their lives and encouraging them to use their imagination while they play at a young age will only enhance their skill as they grow.

While role playing is a fun solo activity, it also encourages interaction with others. As your kids and their friends engage in pretend play, their social, language and communication skills as well as emotional development improve. These essential skills will help your child see things from different perspectives as they grow. Your kids will also develop empathy and a sense of responsibility that they could share with others.As a result, they will have a better understanding on how our world works and how to walk on somebody else's shoes.

Your kid's physical development can benefit from role playing as well. Most role playing toys have little pieces that are moveable, detachable and can be sorted and stacked. Engaging in pretend play is a good form of physical exercise. This fun activity can help develop your kid's gross motor and fine motor skills as well as hand-eye coordination, skills they need to do things independently as they grow like putting on clothes and tying shoe laces.