Iconic Buses for Children’s Toys

Iconic Transport Turned into Children’s Toys

An icon can be described as a person or thing that is regarded as a representative symbol or as worthy of veneration. So a red double-decker bus, black cab or Big Ben could all be considered London icons. Show them to people all over the world and they will think of England and London.

Sometimes something a single item comes to represent a whole genre in the same way that brand names come to be used as generic terms. Just like a Jet Ski is only actually a Jet Ski if Kawasaki makes it, and you’re vacuuming rather than hoovering unless Hoover themselves made your device.

For children if you ask them to draw a bus it will most likely be either a red double-decker or a yellow single-decker as these have become so iconic that it’s the first image that comes to mind when someone says bus. And so if they ask for a toy bus this is most likely what they are imagining and hoping for.

Luckily we have a great range of red and yellow buses that meet these expectations.

Iconic Buses for Children’s Toys

Here are a few of our favourite red and yellow buses.

Indigo Jamm Bernies Number Bus and Benji Bus

Whether you are looking for a red double decker or a single decker yellow bus Indigo Jamm have got you covered. Both these buses are perfect for children 12 months and up and are great for encouraging imaginative creative play as well as starting to introduce numbers and counting thanks to the numbered peg people passengers.

If you want to go all out Indigo Jamm also make a ride of red bus that can also be used as a walker for younger children.

If you like the style of Indigo Jamm then we highly recommend them both for their quality and ethics as well as the variety of vehicles in the range. You can get a fire truck, an ambulance, a digger, a car, a plane, a rocket and even a UFO and all the peg people can travel in any of the vehicles so if your family break down in their campervan you can send the bus to give them a lift home.

Tender Leaf Toys London Bus Money Box

If you are after a London Bus and aren’t drawn to Indigo Jamm then we also really love the Tender Leaf money box bus. This is a great toy for little ones with wheels that work and passengers they can take in and out as well as being a money box so they can keep it to save money in as they get bigger.

Green Toys School Bus

Finally this Green Toys school bus has to get a mention. Green Toys are one of the few brands to make toys from recycled plastic which makes them both environmentally friendly and suitable for outdoor play in the paddling pool or sandpit.


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