Is It Bad to Smell Scented Candles?

The sweet fragrances of scented candles have won a heart too many. Whether it’s the smell of your favorite flower, spice, or garden, these candles fill rooms with wonderful aromas. At times, you’ve probably found yourself leaning on one and taking in the smells directly. Well, for natural candles like the ones we sell at Baba Me, it’s not wrong to do this. But for certain types of candles, smelling them is not a good idea.

The ingredients of a candle determine how healthy it is to smell one. For instance, natural candles are made from either soy wax, bee wax, coconut wax, or palm wax. When burnt, these waxes do not release toxic compounds; hence it’s safe for you to smell the candle. Natural candles also use wooden or 100% woolen wicks that burn without releasing harmful compounds.

Some scented candles, on the other hand, use petroleum wax. This wax releases a lot of soot and toxic compounds that are harmful in the long term. Research also shows that petroleum candle wax still releases these harmful volatile organic compounds even in an unlit state. Some also use metal-core wicks that release small amounts of heavy metal when burnt. Therefore, smelling them is not a healthy habit since you will be inhaling these compounds.

In that case, whether or not it’s good to smell a scented will depend on the candle. Whereas you can smell any scented candle of your choice, you will be taking toxins with particular types of candles. At Baba Me, we sell scented candles that you can smell without having to worry about toxins. All scented candles that we stock are made from natural soy wax and use essential oils to create fragrances. Here are a few that you will love smelling;

1. Soy Candles Large- Crushed Vanilla & Orange

These natural scented candles have three wicks that burn with a crackling bonfire sound. The scented candles will burn for 35 hours with a lovely crushed vanilla and orange fragrance.

2. Wild Olive Friendship Woodwick Soy Candles

This candle is handmade and has a wooden wick. It is designed so that it never releases soot or toxins in the air making it one of the safest scented candles to smell. This candle is scented with pear and freesia fragrance and burns for approximately 30 hours.

3. Wild Olive Happy Birthday Woodwick Soy Candles

This candle is also designed never to release toxins or soot into the air. The soy wax candle is scented with clementine and prosecco fragrance and burns for approximately 30 hours.

4. Wooden Wick Soy Candle- Coffee in the Club

This soy wax candle burns for about 25 hours and smells like freshly brewed coffee. Therefore, if you love coffee, this scented candle would be a great addition to your room. The candle also comes in a simplistic concrete pot that can be reused as a plant or pen pot once the candle is burned.

These are just a few of the natural soy wax candles we sell. We stock a lot of scented candles from eco-friendly brands in all your favorite fragrances. Order one today and fill your room with breathtaking natural scents.


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