Is It Normal to Wear a Panty Liner Every Day?

is it normal to wear a panty liner every day

Should you wear a panty liner daily?

Normal covers a pretty broad spectrum when it comes to women’s bodies but panty liners are definitely designed to be used as often as you wish including every day if that’s what suits your body and feels most comfortable to you.

Often associated with periods, panty liners are smaller and thinner than menstrual making them perfect for lighter days at the beginning and end of your period as well as to act as back up if you are wearing a cup or tampon.

However the fact that they are thin and light also makes them perfect to wear the days before your period when you’re not quite sure if you’re about to start or not, for absorbing vaginal discharge throughout the month, dealing with light bladder leakage, and simply keeping you fresh and dry on a hot day or during a session at the gym.

So yes, if any of the above apply to you and think you would be more comfortable wearing a liner than just your underwear, by all means, wear one every day.

And if you do choose to wear panty liners on a daily basis, or even for just a few days a month, you might like to consider the benefits of reusable panty liners. They have little wings and popper into your panties rather than having a sticky back like disposable liners. But they are just as easy to use and don’t take up much more space in your knicker drawer.

While it is perfectly normal for women to want some form of protection over and above their underwear on a daily basis not all panty liners will agree with all women especially if they are worn on a daily basis.

While it is certainly healthy to wear liners every day if they are keeping you dry and fresh, disposable liners, in particular, can cause irritation of the vaginal area especially those that are scented or not breathable.

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The chemicals used can dry out the vaginal area rather than merely absorbing discharge, and if not changed they can become a breeding ground for nasties, although they are obviously much easier to change than your underwear.

There are also a number of alternatives to panty liners you might wish to try if you use them on a daily basis. Reusable cloth liners are breathable, soft and gentle to your skin. Labia pads can be great for discharge between periods and work with different types of underwear, and period pants can also protect against light incontinence, leakage and vaginal discharge as well as being good to wear during your period.

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