Is Natural Soap Better for Your Skin?


Natural Soaps

When beginning the journey into natural body care, it can be confusing about what kind of soap you should buy. Soaps are one of those difficult things to decide on because of all the chemicals that they contain. And the wide selection available on the market. You may think that you have to go with those natural soaps that smell like a field of flowers. And you should because they are better than regular soap.

Natural Soap

Natural soap is a loose term that many soap makers slap on their products. But most people describe natural soap as being made from natural ingredients, scented using natural fragrances and doesn't contain synthetic chemicals.

However, you should always be cautious with anything that is labeled as natural. It’s a term that is being thrown around easily nowadays with many companies taking advantage of the demand for greener alternatives to skincare products.

A reputable soap maker will list all ingredients used in making their soap. So if a soap claims to be natural but doesn’t have a list of ingredients, then you should walk away. Another good thing about natural soap is that it’s generally handmade in small batches. This means that the soap maker gives a lot of attention and care on the soap making process. The production processes usually involve using a mixture of herbs, botanicals, oils and other ingredients that are beneficial to the skin.

These soaps get their natural colour from these same herbs and botanicals. They can also be made through various forms of chemical processes yet still retain their natural look and benefits.

Regular Soap

Regular soaps are usually mass produced and contain additives and chemicals that are considered by many as unnecessary. Additionally, these soaps are laden with preservatives and additives that are often considered by many as toxic and dangerous to our skin. These chemicals leave our skin dry and flaky.

What soap does is bind germs and bacteria so that they can easily be washed away and removed from our skin. And many experts agree that this is enough to prevent the spread of germs and bacteria.

Why Natural Soap Soap Is Better Than Regular Soap

As previously mentioned, natural soaps are usually packed with plant-based ingredients that work with you instead of against you. These ingredients work together in keeping your skin clean leaving it soft and smooth. Additionally, they soothe and nourish the skin naturally.

Natural soaps are highly recommended for people who are suffering from skin allergies and disorders like psoriasis and eczema. These soaps don’t strip away the skin’s natural oils and moisture like most regular soap do. They do a great job at exfoliating dead skin too.

Natural soaps are also scented using essential oils from lavender, lemon and jojoba oil. This is the reason why they also smell better than regular soap.

And let’s talk about packaging. Regular soaps come in plastic packaging that are thrown away after use. Most of these plastic wastes end up in landfills and waterways.

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