Is Shaving With a Safety Razor Better?

is shaving with razor betterIs shaving with a double edge safety razor better?

We all know people who love to reminisce about how “things were simpler back in the day”. Vegetables were organic because they were grown in the garden, water came out of the tap and doubled edged razors had a single blade.

Nowadays you can get any food, from any part of the world any time of the year. Today there's a whole aisle of bottled water in most supermarkets, much of which is just filtered tap water, and remarkably there are a similar number of options for razors.

Modern shaving companies would have us believe we need at least 5 blades to get a close shave, preferably surrounded by lubricating strips. You need all this to soften the skin and get the perfect glide while lifting the hairs and cutting them close to the skin.

Purists will point out that lifting the hairs can lead to cutting below the skin resulting in ingrown hairs and that the blades dull quickly so you get tugging at the hair and skin. Cartridge razors are also generally much lighter so you have to pull them down the face rather than relying on the weight and balance of the handle.

Environmentalists and anyone who pays attention to what they put in the bin will note that these blades are all encased in plastic making them almost impossible to recycle. The multiple blades are also very close together making them very difficult to clean and resulting in them not lasting as long as they might.

Will your safety razor last a lifetime?

In times gone buy products were made to last. Built-in obsolescence is a recent phenomenon and one that is going to have to change if we are to have any hope of conserving the worlds precious resources for future generations.

If like so many of us you've used disposable razors you'll know they can't be recycled and so end up in the landfill. Despite the fact that the plastic handle will be around forever, literally hundreds of years, the blades quickly get blunt and so have to be replaced. Even cartridge razors where you keep the handle don't last as long as they could and you still have to replace the heads often.

High-quality safety razors are bucking this trend. They are built to last, easy to maintain, and there's really no reason you should ever need to buy more than one.

It is also worth noting that although the price may seem appealing replacing the cartridges is significantly more expensive than replacing a single razor blade and so a traditional safety razor will quickly become more cost-efficient.

Shaving foam or a brush and soap

When comparing traditional and modern there are also other things to consider. Traditional shaving uses a solid shaving soap and a brush that exfoliates the skin as you create the foam. It takes a little more time but creates a lot less waste.

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