Is Storing Food in Plastic Containers Good?

Are plastic food containers good for storing food?

Many people are using plastic containers for food storage. But more and more people are switching to more eco-friendly and reusable food containers, tc. Making the switch can be difficult at the start but it is something that everyone of us should consider doing. Once you begin using reusable food containers you will never look back.

There are many reasons to ditch plastic containers. Their environmental and health implications are just too much to ignore. Anything plastic related, be it plastic containers or plastic toys, bring about an increase in plastic wastes that are piling up in our landfills and floating in our oceans.

Despite efforts to lessen the impacts of plastic on our environment, many of these endeavours do not look promising. For instance, one of the most suggested ways to manage plastic waste is to recycle plastic waste. Unfortunately, only about 8-9% of all plastic waste has been recycled. And that number is pretty low considering how ubiquitous plastic is around the globe. It has been suggested that it would take hundreds of years before plastic starts to break down.

It is known and proven by several studies that plastic containers leach harmful chemicals to food. These chemicals end up in our food as they start to break down when exposed to high temperatures. These toxic chemicals are known to disrupt normal hormone function and are often linked to serious health issues like diabetes, heart diseases and more. Some of these toxic chemicals and substances are even considered as carcinogens.

One of the most common toxic chemicals found in plastic containers is bisphenol-A or BPA. Many studies have linked BPA to several health disorders like immune deficiencies, hormone disruption, brain damage and more. Surprisingly, the results of these studies are still considered inconclusive. However, knowing the potential dangers of exposure to BPA, do you really want to put yourself and your family’s health at risk?

Of course, you don’t. Thankfully, there are many alternatives to plastic containers. There are many reusable containers in varying sizes, shapes and styles so there is a reusable food container for your needs. By simply using reusable containers instead of their plastic counterparts, you are doing yourself, your family and the environment a huge favour. Sure, you will need to buy new containers that are reusable if you are going to ditch your plastic ones. But that should not prevent you from starting to live a more sustainable lifestyle. Your financial investment in buying reusable containers that are eco-friendly will pay off overtime.

Aside from reducing your plastic waste, with reusable containers you will be able to enjoy waste free lunches at work. You can also start eating healthy foods as well as save money. Instead of eating at fast-food restaurants, you can enjoy your favourite sandwiches, snacks and home cooked meals at work.

In conclusion, using plastic containers to store your food is never a good idea. Regardless if the manufacturer claims that their containers are BPA-free, keep in mind there are other chemicals that could leach into your food besides BPA.


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