Janni Bars Hair Care Range


The Janni Bars haircare range is a great range of shampoo bars and conditioners that are handmade, 100% natural and plastic free. The range includes 5 different shampoo bars and 2 conditioner bars perfect for all hair types. And they are suitable to use immediately without any need for a transition period.

Their shampoo bars are all made with 100% natural ingredients including SCI powder. This is a natural surfactant derived from coconuts. Itís composition means that there is no need for a transition period from using regular shampoo, making it a perfect choice if you are new to shampoo bars, or unsure about making the switch. Plus, it means the shampoo bars are already perfectly PH balanced for your hair with a PH of between 5 and 5.5.

Using SCI also means that the shampoo bars react in the same way regardless of the hardness of your water so you donít need to worry about not getting a good result if you live in a hard water area as can be the case with some other natural shampoo bars.

As well as SCI powder, also known as baby foam, the bars each contain a combination of natural oils and butters to nourish the hair and scalp as well as ingredients carefully chosen to work for your hair type.

Each bar weighs just 75g but lasts for around the same number of washes as 2 regular bottles of shampoo. Meaning two less plastic bottles in landfill and a lot less weight to be shipped to you. Solid shampoo bars also take up a fraction of the space of a bottle of shampoo and so they are perfect for travel.

The Shampoo Bars

Their haircare range has 5 different shampoo bars for you to choose from depending on your hair type. They are:

Apollo - This gentle bar is perfect for sensitive skin and scalps. It contains castor oil and goats milk to help with dry scalps, sensitivity and dandruff.

Athena - Contains shea butter and pink clay to gently cleanse and restore shine, as well as raspberry seed oil to protect against damage. Ideal for coarse hair whether dry, oily or anywhere in between.

Dagda - This shampoo bar is great for oily hair, helping to regulate oil production and also stimulate hair growth. It contains Baobab oil and is rich in vitamins A, D and E.

Freya - This is the perfect bar for styled hair, dry or damaged hair that needs a little more care. Itís made with shea butter, argan oil and lavender.

Lir - Is great for dry hair and scalps and also for boosting volume. It helps soothe itchy scalps, repair damaged hair and is great at moisturising.


Janni Bars conditioner bars are the perfect partner to their shampoo bars. They are long lasting and will ensure you have shiny, nourished, tangle free hair with no build up or nasties at all.

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