Jigsaws for Kids - Simple yet Challenging Jigsaw Puzzles

Jigsaws are a fun way to introduce your toddler to puzzles and problem-solving. There are many benefits to using jigsaws as learning tools during your child's early development. They are useful in improving your child's critical thinking and memory. They are also a great way in developing visual, cognitive, fine motor and social skills. Problem-solving activities can also improve your child's concentration and memory. Most jigsaw puzzles are cheap because they are easy to make. Your child can piece together different designs and illustrations; from simple of a cow to painting-like image, we have them in our collection of jigsaws.

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Bigjigs British Isles Inset Puzzle
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Bigjigs Europe Inset Puzzle
Djeco Puzz'art Lion - 150pcs
Djeco The city Giants puzzles
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Bigjigs 1-9 Number Puzzles
Bigjigs Farm Arched Puzzle
Bigjigs World Map Puzzles
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Djeco Horse Riding Observation Puzzle
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Goula 3 Level Wooden Butterfly Puzzle
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Bigjigs Pirate Arched Puzzle
Djeco 1000 Flowers Observation Puzzle
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Djeco Boa 350 pieces Puzz'Art
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Djeco Knights Observation Puzzle
£12.25  (1)
Djeco Little Red Riding Hood - 36 pcs
£11.79  (1)
Djeco Magic India Puzzle Gallery
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Goula Puzzle Xxl Vehicles
Bigjigs Dinosaur Arched Puzzle
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Bigjigs House Arched Puzzle
Djeco Carossimo Inzebox magnetic games
£19.25  (6)
Djeco The rocket - 16pcs
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Djeco Vaillant and the dragon - 54pds
£11.79  (1)
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Jigsaw puzzles are powerful early learning tools.

Jigsaw puzzles offer many benefits to kids at an early age. Depending on the illustration, jigsaw puzzles can be used as teaching tools for counting, colours, animals, etc. The fine little pieces of these jigsaw puzzles help improve your kid's fine motor skills and hand-eye coordination through pinching, picking up and grasping. They also teach basic problem-solving and boost logical reasoning.

Jigsaw puzzles are a cheap way to pass time.

Unlike most modern toys which come in a form of a electronic gadget, jigsaw puzzles are not expensive. They offer hours upon hours wholesome fun that could be enjoyed by the entire family. They can be played in many different ways too. For example, you can set a time for which the puzzle needs to be solved to make it more challenging.

Jigsaw puzzles teach patience to young children.

Generally, overcoming jigsaw puzzles require time and patience from your little ones. As they put the jigsaw puzzle pieces together, they develop patience. They would also learn not to easily give up until they solve the jigsaw puzzle.

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