Stretchy Baby wraps, carriers and slings

Je Porte Mon Bebe or JPMBB Baby Sling from Paris France. High-quality baby wrap for ergonomic baby carrying. Comfort and safety.

JPMBB - Je Porte Mon Bebe

Je Porte Mon Bebe, also known as JPMBB, revolutionised the stretchy wrap industry, bringing in new fabrics and a two-way stretch. JPMBB fabric, knitted in a special way exclusively for them, makes stretchy wraps so much easier to use and long lasting. These are one of the few stretchy wraps which will carry older children making them much more economical.

After revolutionising the stretchy wraps industry, this year JPMBB once again brought out a groundbreaking product - their fantastic ring sling, or Little Wrap without a Knot is the softest, snuggliest ring sling you will ever find!

JPMBB stretchy wraps and slings have great quality and highly recommended for parents new to babywearing. These wraps and slings come with setup instructions so it’s convenient to put on. Your baby will sleep securely and feel safe when in the sling. Wearing your baby will leave your hands-free so you can do other things like household chores or tend to your other children if you have more than one child.

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