Just Because Snacks Are Natural Doesn’t Mean They Are Healthy

There are mixed opinions on snacking, for both children and adults. But, most people would agree that healthy natural snacks can be a good way of adding extra nutrients to your diet.

While the term “snack foods” might make you think of crisps, biscuits and other unhealthy options, snacking is simply eating between meal times. And so anything you consume that isn’t a main meal should be considered a snack including healthy options just as fruit, nuts, veggies and other whole foods.

Whether snacks are healthy or not depends on what you are consuming and your overall health goals. Snacks are a great way of increasing your calorie intake over the course of a day which can be beneficial for some and not for others. They are also a great way to boost your nutrients if you choose the right snacks.

Just Because Snacks are Natural Doesn’t Always Mean They are Healthy

Natural has become big business and there are lots of natural products available that are marketed as being a healthier option. These snacks can still contain lots of fat, salt and sugar which you may wish to limit in your diet and you may find that your natural cereal bar has just as many calories and just as much sugar as a chocolate bar.

Good snacks are those that are nutrient dense and not full of empty calories. These will generally be natural snacks, but not all natural snacks fit the bill. Whole foods with nothing added are natural and healthy. Processed foods with lots of salt, sugar or fat added are not so good.

What Makes a Healthy Snack?

Healthy snacks are snacks that are nutrient dense and add more than just calories for your diet. Fruits, vegetables, nuts and seeds and whole grains are all good snack foods. Children especially tend to be hungry between meals so feeding good natural snacks can be a great way of upping their nutrient intake for the day, boosting their mood, their ability to concentrate and their energy levels.

We have chosen a great range of natural snacks that make great on the go healthy snacks for the whole family. Popcorn for example is a great alternative to a standard packet of crisps. It is made from a whole grain with only natural ingredients. Proper Corn makes great popcorn that is really delicious and makes the perfect treat for movie night or a great addition to a picnic. It does however have some added salt or sugar depending on the flavour so it shouldn’t be a snack you give to little ones every day.


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