Keep Leaf

Are you looking for a way to reduce your waste?

Keep Leaf reusable sandwich bags and food wraps are the perfect solution. They're made from cotton and have a waterproof lining, so they keep your food fresh without any plastic or chemicals. You can use them at home or work, and they even brighten up your lunch box!


reusable sandwich wraps and food wraps from Keep Leaf are safe for use to wrap you favourite sandwiches, pastries, fruits and more, making them ideal for anyone who wants to reduce their single-use plastic consumption and live a more environmentally conscious lifestyle. And because they're easy to clean, with a water resistant polyester liner, you don't have to worry about washing them each time, a quick wipe often suffices. All of this makes these reusable sandwich bags an easy choice when it comes to reducing waste! They fasten with a secure velcro closure.

Keeping your Food Fresh

Keep Leaf produce well designed speciality reusable products that make the world a better place. Keep leaf products brighten up your lunch box too. These reusable sandwich baggies are ideal alternatives to single use plastic so you can enjoy plastic free lunches either at work or at home. They are great for packing sandwiches and other food items like small fruits. Featuring a cotton exterior and waterproof lining to keep your food fresh for longer and free from BPA and phthalate s, making this reusable sandwich wraps safe for use.

Keep leaf mission is promoting premium quality sustainable products and that include insulated lunch bags. Made from 100% organic cotton canvas, these are perfect for bag to take home cooked meals with you at work. These insulated bags also feature handle strap for easy handling and velcro closure to keep your food containers inside the bag secure.

The Keep Leaf Baggies are the perfect size for sandwiches and snacks, retaining freshness all day and taking up minimal space in your bag when empty, the large baggie wraps up into a tiny size. The waterproof liner means they are easy to wipe clean after use. And you can simply pop them in the washing machine when they get grubby. Leaf believes in reducing their carbon footprint and their reusable products are manufactured in factories using sustainable practices. Like many of us they have a growing concern for our planet and have a compelling desire to help leave it a greener place. Check out their website for more information on their practives including their plan to achieve gender equity.

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