Kids Tool Bench

Do you have a little builder at home?

Our toy bench tools collection is perfect for little builders. They'll love using play tools and accessories like the hammer, screwdriver, wrench and saw leading to improved dexterity, fine motor skills and hand-eye coordination. These are essential skills they need to become independent like dressing themselves or lacing their shoes.

You can help your child develop these important life skills with our range of kids tool bench that includes tool boxes, hand tools and workbenches from popular brands like Tender Leaf Toys, Bigjigs, Indigo Jamm, Plan Toys and Green Toys.

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Tender Leaf Tender Leaf Tool Bench
Tender Leaf Toys Table Top Tool Bench
Indigo Jamm Little Carpenters Bench
Tender Leaf Tap Tap Tool Box
Kids First Workbench
Junior Tool Box
Indigo Jamm Little Carpenters Toolbox
Bigjigs My Workbench
Green Toys Tool Set
Plan Toys Tool Belt
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Kids Tool Belt - Carpenters Red

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Workenches & Tool Sets for Children

You can also use a kids bench toy play set and master workbench to teach your little one how to count, sort and identify primary and secondary colours. Basic maths they need to learn to prepare them for school. A diy tool play workbench  comes in free standing or tabletop if you are short of space and are one of most popular role play set  for imaginative play or even just a diy toys tool belt!

Your toddlers can also engage in a fun and imaginative kids play time using their tools kit set, either solo or with friends. Interacting with others can help with your toddler's communication, language and social skills. While make-believe plays primarily stimulate creativity and imagination, it also encourages independent thinking as well as simple problem-solving. And most importantly, it makes them happy like all preschool toys should! 

Playing with a toy tools workbench and toy set tools provides children opportunities to use their imagination and creativity. A tool toy helps them develop essential psychological and emotional skills they need for when they start school and a general understanding of how the world works. A toy set construction is also great for helping fine motor skills.

A toy woodworking bench will often have screws and other twist toys which help hand eye coordination, and what child does not want to play builder. Workbenches for toddlers are just brilliant fun for the child, to play DIY and mrs fix it! We love a kids wooden workbench because not only are they sustainable, they are safe wooden toys and all of our toy set tool bench are free from any toxins! A creative toddler tool bench play set will also help develop social skills and communication skills. When kids pretend play they are learning so much!

When children engage in pretend play, for example when playing with a toy work bench, they put themselves in different scenarios and come up with endless ideas on how to deal with them. This activity helps them see things from different perspectives and also encourages them to learn to solve problems. Your little ones are not constrained by the limits of the physical world. They explore different worlds and in the process, help them recognise their emotional response to things.

These wooden kids workbenches and tools play set are good for the environment, too! They are made from responsibly sourced materials like wood and recycled plastic and painted with non-toxic water-based paint, making them 100% safe for little ones and for the environment. All these wooden toys conform to European and international safety standards. You can be assured that toys you buy from us do not contain any harmful materials that could put your young one in danger.

So remember when your kids are playing with a childrens tool building toy, they are learning so much whilst having hours of endless fun. Workbenches for kids and a creative building construction set are timeless toys which every child loves.