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Kimberly Sayer

Kimberley Sayer Organic Skincare

Kimberley Sayer has a passion for all things Organic. This hailed from being a daughter of organic farmers. The family used herbs, flowers, vegetables from their garden to make their own skin and body products. Kimberley went on to train with the Neals yard Beauty therapy college before creating her own namesake skincare line. Kimberley is passionate about recyclable packaging for her products and she has a policy of no animal testing/ingredients.

Why Baba Me loves Kimberley Sayer:

  • Cruelty free

  • Organic Products

  • Supports Organic farming

  • Recyclable Containers

  • Products that deliver results

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Kimberly Sayer Face Serum - Wild Rose
£65.00   £32.50

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