Kindness Gifts

At Baba Me, we believe that gifts of Kindness makes the world go round.

Over the years we have had so many customers get in touch to ask us to send out an anonymous Random Act of Kindness for them - sometimes to a friend or family member, sometimes to a work colleague just to spread kindness! Here you will find a selection of thoughtful gifts- just a little something to show that you care. All of our Kindness presents come with a gift card where we can write a little message fo your choosing.If you are sending directly to your receipient, just let us know in the comments box before checking out and we won't include the invoice.

Awesome Gifts - Kindness Gift Ideas

Most of us are probably guilty of not doing enough kindness to someone close to us or just random strangers who we’ve met and helped us with our journey in life. Kindness comes in many forms. Even as simple as smiling at strangers we meet in the streets is considered an act of random kindness. We should do this more because it really does not take a whole lot of effort and time. It doesn't matter if its just little stocking stuffers or even just nice words on kindness cards, its the thought that counts, it's just an easy way to spread a little happiness!

Sending a thoughtful gift to someone - a friend, a family member or a colleague at work, just because shows how special they are and how you appreciate their presence in your life. You will definitely melt the hearts of people even if they do not particularly like surprises with just random gifts. And remember, kindness is contagious and recipients often pay it forward, its good to treat people with kindness!

Kindness Matters

Some people expect something from others when they give presents on special occasions such as birthdays and on holidays and that is okay. But there are moments that a simple smile and even a personalised random kindness present will show how special the recipient is to you. Sometimes an unexpected random act of kindness present is all you need to make someone smile. The good thing about random acts of kindness presents is that you can give it to someone special anytime you want. You do not have to wait for their birthday or valentine day or any special occasion to make this special person smile and feel appreciated. The gesture alone will definitely surprise them and it will strengthen your bond with the other person.

Positivity Gifts

Positivity gifts are just great for helping spread joy or even just to get inspired and find peace and get positive affirmation. An appreciation gift can just be simple acts of saying thank you! All of our gifts come with cards and if you add in comments we will put any inspirational quotes on the cards if you want to spread a little positivity or hope.

If you are looking for ideas for inspirational gifts why not consider our mystery gift for someone special. Our mystery gift box and kindness kits will vary based on the information you give us. If you are looking for gift for women then just mention this. Don't forget a friendship gift can be sent to yourself, self care is also important! Don't forget we offer free uk delivery on orders over Ł40 and if you want to add gift tags, just add one to your cart and let us know.

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