Learning Toys for 8 Year Old Kids


As your child approaches eight years of age, you may be wondering about what toys you should be providing him to help him reach developmental milestones. Eight is an important age for boys and girls. It’s when children transition from playing with toys that focus on early childhood development to toys that encourage more complex play. It’s also a time that children begin focusing more on their social relationships. A well-rounded toy collection includes toys that support both imaginative and cooperative play.

Importance of toys to a child’s development

Toys could be a child’s first step into the wonderful world of learning. So having insight on what toys a child should have can help parents decide on which will be the best for him/her. The best toys are not only fun but also help children with early learning and development. In fact, that sort of play is the fun part for kids that us parents hope will lead to learning. There are all sorts of ways to keep your child busy and let you get on with life, but if you take the time to start a game that they can grow into, even better. And really, it may seem like a coincidence but toys will go hand in hand with what children will learn at school so this is time well spent now.

What learning toys should you give your 8 year old child?

You can provide your children with toys depending on their interests but you still have to make sure that these toys are age-appropriate. Here are a few ideas on what kind of toys you should buy for your 8 year old.


Puzzles for kids are designed with a range of difficulty levels, from easy to mind boggling. These brain teasers are a fun and creative way to keep your children’s minds sharp and entertain them at the same time. They can flex their problem solving muscle while improving coordination, memory, attention and spatial awareness. Puzzles and games will also give your kids a challenging mental workout that will involve strategy, problem solving, and reading skills.

Arts and Crafts

Arts and crafts are a great way to occupy and entertain your children. And what better way to do so than to allow them the freedom to create things themselves. The more creative they are, the more expressive and imaginative they can be, as well as teaching your children how to make things. Arts and crafts kits are available in all shapes, sizes, and themes. So, find one that interests you or your child and get started right away!

Pretend Play

Imagination is an important factor in a child’s growth and development. And when children use their imagination when playing they usually engage in pretend play. Children who engage in pretend play aren’t simply having fun, instead they are experimenting with different roles of life. During pretend play, children learn to interact with others as teachers or friends. They start to understand appropriate boundaries and build self-esteem along the way. It is a way that they can try out, and work through, roles and situations they find difficult or challenging in their real life.

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