lillebabyLillebaby Ergonomic Baby Carriers

Lillebaby has changed the definition of baby carriers! Ergonomic, stylish, comfortable they will grow with your baby to last from birth to 3 years. With 6 different carrying positions and a huge range of beautiful styles and fabric finishes, there is a complete which is perfect for you!

These carriers really do have everything. An adjustable seat, a long adjustable back panel so your carrier will last you longer, adjustable neck support and a removable sleeping hood. They are superbly comfortable for baby and parent, and fully adjustable to swap between carers.

Lillebaby Complete Baby Carrier

The Norweigan design principles of performance, practicality and beauty, this baby carrier has it all. The Complete Baby Carrier incorporates a hood, head support, pockets, lumbar support and is super adjustable. Everything you need to carry your baby from newborn to toddler in any of 6 carrying positions. Or try the clever Tie The Knot stretchy baby wrap, perfect for a newborn.

Lillebaby Carriers
Lillebaby Airflow Donuts & Sprinkles
£129.00  (13)
Lillebaby Complete Baby Carrier Embossed
£159.00  (11)
Lillebaby Essentials Baby Carrier
£79.98  (7)
Lillebaby Original Baby Carrier
From:  £55.00  (35)
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