List of Must Have Holztiger Toys


Wooden animal toys like the ones produced by Holztiger are good for imaginative play. Imaginative play engages childrenís imagination and creativity. Sparking your childrenís imagination and creativity at an early age help children develop solid problem solving skills. Children face problems and challenges every day, whether itís at school or at home. Having good problem solving skills allows children to assess every problem using logic and analytical skills to come up with solutions.

Holztiger beautiful animal toys are designed and made from responsibly sourced wood. This German company has been making high quality toys for decades that bring joy and excitement to many little children and parents all over the world. Holztiger toys are made from either beech wood or maple wood and hand-painted with non-toxic water-based dyes and paints. With their smooth curves that fit childrenís tiny hands and muted colours, these toys are good fantastic early learning and developmental toys.

So if you are looking for high quality wooden toys, look no further than Holztiger wooden animal toys. Hereís our list of the top 10 must buy Holztiger toys.

Holztiger Lion

This lovely animal toy from Holztiger is the perfect addition to your childís toy collection. Your child is guaranteed to love this beautifully hand painted Lion. If your child has other wooden animal toys, he can play as zookeeper or play as a safari manager.

Holztiger Giraffe - Head Raised

Holztiger Giraffe is a wonderful toy addition to any wooden animal toy collection. It features round edges for a smooth and gentle feel. The wooden texture of this animal toy is good for tactile stimulation and the giraffe spot markings are lovely. The tail is attached very firmly to the body of the giraffe and the raised head is cute.

Holztiger Donkey - Small

Many parents and children love playing Holztiger wooden animal toys. These toys are hundreds times better than plastic toys. For one, this Holztiger Donkey is eco-friendly and safe for playing. Furthermore, your children are guaranteed to play with this toy for a long time and if you look after this toy, it will last for generations.

Holztiger Elephant

Your little one will definitely adore this wonderful Holztiger Elephant. It is really well-made and has a timeless appeal to it. This is the kind of toy that can be played with for a long time into the future. Perfect gifts for children that love animals and playing with wooden animal toys.

Holztiger Cow Grazing Black

This lovely grazing cow is keeping a watchful eye on her calves while chomping down some scrumptious grass. Holztiger toys have great quality and make fine additions to any toy collection, especially farmyard collections.

Holztiger Lioness

This is a gorgeous toy from Holztiger. The smiling express on the face of the queen of the safari is just lovely. It is well made and more beautiful than the pictures. If you want a toy that your child can play for years to come, this is the toy to buy.

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