Little Lamb Nappies

Little Lamb Reusable Nappies

Little Lamb Nappies was born out of the need for a more affordable and practical solution to disposable nappies.

Little Lamb Washable Nappies

Little Lamb nappies are a well known brand of washable nappy. The Littlelamb bamboo fitted nappies, fits babies from 7lbs in size up, up to 40lbs in size 3. The nappies are very small fitting so do bear this in mind when purchasing and considering sizing.

Little Lamb’s best known product is their fitted bamboo nappies. The bamboo nappy comes in three sizes and can be used for day or night time. They are soft, lightweight and highly absorbent. Their best selling bamboo nappy is a fitted nappy and you need an outer wrap with it. We also love the Little Lamb one size pocket nappy. Designed to fit from birth to potty training these nappies can be easily boosted and are so easy to use that they are perfect for sending to childcare. The nappy fit (slim or bulky) would be described as a bulky nappy but they can be used for day or night and are relatively easy to use.

This affordable reusable nappy brand first formed in 1997 when the idea of going green was just beginning, yet the need for a viable alternative to costly disposables was still very real.The founders Esme and Nick wanted to bring a range of cloth nappies to the market that was priced at mass market but retaining high quality. At that time reusable nappies were prohibitively expensive to most! The quest for good quality cheap cloth nappies lives on and they have a great range of one-piece and two-piece systems as well as some of the softest fluffy fleece liners I've ever stroked and great value disposable liners too.

With the exception of the OSFA (One Size Fits All), they have devised their nappy systems to fit specific weight ranges. A size one nappy will fit from approximately 7-20lbs or birth to 9 months, a size two nappy will fit 20-38lbs, around 7 months until potty training, they also do a size three nappy, however, most children will potty train while still within the range of the size two nappy. A lot of children get to the “round” stage just before they start to get really mobile, once they're on their feet they soon start to lose the baby fat and their birth-to-potty or size two nappies won't look so snug! Size three nappies are excellent if you have a child who is not dry at night yet but have outgrown birth-to-potty or size two nappies or a child with additional needs who require larger nappies.

Nappies, Nappy Inserts, Boosters and Other Baby Essentials

Little Lamb also makes other baby products like nappy inserts, boosters, liners, reusable pads, cloth baby wipes and mattress protector. These accessories have exceptional quality and are ethically made in a family run factory in Turkey.

Little Lamb Nappy Boosters For Littlelamb Nappies

Little Lamb nappy boosters are great accessories to their bamboo nappies. The triple thick boosters are great in extending maximum absorbency and protection against wetness. Great for night time and long car rides. A standard nappy kit of littlelamb nappies would be 20 to 22 fitted bamboo nappies & 4 reusable wraps along with accessories.

If you are looking for high quality nappies and accessories, look no further than our collection.

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