Lunch Box

lunch box

Lunch Boxes and Bento Box

Whether you send the kids to school with a packed lunch daily, take your own food to work or just like to picnic in the park on a sunny day a lunch boxes are an essential bit of kit. Unlike brittle plastic lunch boxes that frequently end up broken our range of stainless steel lunch box is eco-friendly and durable.

Pick a lunch container for every member of the family and enjoy fresh home made food whenever and wherever you are.

Our selection of High Quality Lunch Boxes

Choose from eco-friendly brands like U-Konserve, Qwetch and A Slice of Green. Our range of lunch boxes are made from food grade stainless steel material. These are BPA-free, phthalate-free and lead-free. These food containers will keep your food fresh and delicious without adding undesirable tastes to your food.

We also have a stainless steel bento box from Qwetch. It is designed to keep your food warm for up to 4 hours.

Whether you want an on-the-go hot meal or sandwiches with you, we have the right lunch boxes and bento box for you.