Lunch Cooler Bag

We all know that when we're hungry, it's hard to resist the temptation of unhealthy foods. Our insulated lunch bags are designed to keep your food fresh and delicious for hours! The best part is they're easy to clean with a quick wipe down or rinse in the sink. They also come in a few different colours so you can find one that fits your style!

You deserve a healthy meal every day. Fill up our insulated lunch bag with all of your favourite foods and snacks - we promise it won't disappoint! With this handy accessory, you'll never be tempted by unhealthy options again. Get your lunch cooler bag here at Baba Me!

Why Buy a Lunch Cooler Bag

A lunch cooler bag is the perfect bag for keeping your snacks and lunches fresh, healthy and delicious. Simply store your favourite home cooked meals and sandwiches in the bag as you head to work or school. Most lunch bags have extra pockets you can use for bottles and smaller snacks.

Shop High Quality Lunch Cooler Bags

Our lunch cooler bag collection includes brands like Rex London, Keep Leaf and U-Konserve. Rex London lunch bags are insulated, roomy enough for plenty of food and drink, and made from recycled plastic bottles. Plus they are really lightweight and can be folded flat for storage.

The U Konserve lunch cooler bag is also made from recycled plastic bottles and features a handy carry strap, and an inside pocket for an ice pack to keep food chilled for hours. We love the simple stylish design, the size and the fact it's easy to carry or hang over the back of a pushchair.

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