A small family company, based in the Somerset hills, Lyonsleaf products are made in England with as many homegrown ingredients harvested from the farm as possible.

100% Natural Skin Care by Lyonsleaf

All Lyonsleaf products are made without water meaning there is no need for preservatives or emulsifiers. This means not only are all the ingredients 100% natural but they are 100% active too, chosen for their skin-boosting properties. Whether that’s natural antioxidants, potent anti-inflammatories, or skin boosting natural lipids and fatty acids. Plus as most creams are 70-80% water you get much better value for money and a longer-lasting product.

Here are our picks of some of the best products from Lyonsleaf:

Lyonsleaf Zinc & Calendula Cream

Handmade in the UK using natural ingredients, pure essential oils and botanicals, Lyonsleaf Zinc & Calendula Cream is suitable for delicate and sensitive skin types that are prone to rashes, blemishes and other skin irritations. This cream can also be used on baby’s sensitive and delicate skin. This natural balm’s main ingredients are calendula and zinc oxide. These ingredients have been used for many years to treat skin irritation due to their natural healing properties. They soothe and repair damaged skin, reduce swelling and inflammation. This 100% natural cream does not contain any nasty chemicals normally found in big name brands like BPA and other petrochemicals. Packed with vitamins, minerals and antioxidants, this water-free undiluted Lyonsleaf cream has no preservatives and emulsifiers and can be used sparingly.

Lyonsleaf Marshmallow Facial Oil

Lyonsleaf Marshmallow Facial Oil is a rich and deeply nourishing facial oil made with 50% macerated marshmallow, calendula extracts, pure essential oils like rosehip, borage and baobab, botanicals and other natural ingredients. The product is 100% water free as well which means no preservatives, emulsifiers and other harmful chemicals were used in creating this wonderful product. Marshmallow helps repair damaged skin while calendula extracts reduce swelling and relieves pain. Available in both scented and unscented variants.

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