Magnet Toys Buying Guide

Magnet Toys are the kind of toys that foster early learning while providing hours of fun. They are simple to play with but fascinating because of what they can do. Sticking one magnetic piece to the other would definitely pique your child’s curiosity which is a good thing especially during the developmental stage of a child.

There are many magnet toys on the market which makes it a bit difficult to spot which ones are the right toys for your child. Don’t worry. Here’s a short guide to buying magnet toys and a short list of things to consider before buying them.


Magnetic toys are generally safe for children. But this does not mean that you should just let your child play with them alone. Playing with magnet toys require supervision especially if your child is prone to putting things into her mouth.

High-powered magnets such as those rare-earth magnets marketed as children’s toys and loose magnets are the ones that are dangerous especially when swallowed. These things stick together in the intestines causing serious damage to organs and other body parts. It’s better to stay away from these kinds of magnet toys and stick to the ones that are designed for little kids like magnetic puzzles and building blocks.

Always check the label of the toy before buying it. Most toy brands put warnings about potential hazards and the suitable age range. Never buy magnet toys that are marketed for older children and adults.


We highly recommended going for wooden magnetic toys over plastic ones. While there are advantages to buying plastic toys, wooden toys are far better for your child and the environment. Our selection of magnet toys are made from responsibly sourced wooden materials and finished within non-toxic paint. BigJigs, Tender Leaf Toys, Grimms and Gola are some of our favourite toy brands because of their eco-credentials.

Type of Magnet Toys

There are different types of magnet toys but all of them facilitate early learning. If you maximise your child’s learning potential, choose magnet toys that are fun to play while providing exceptional educational value.

Magnetic storyboards are great first magnet toys for children. They provide hours of fun and facilitate early development. You can use them to tell stories during storytelling time. You can encourage your child to use the board to tell her own stories and act out characters while sticking them into the magnetic storyboard. We recommend checking out Bigjigs Magnetic Board Farm and Bigjigs Magnetic Board City. You can even use these storyboards to teach your child her first animals and transportation.

Puzzle toys are another fantastic magnetic toy. They’re easy to solve but can provide a bit of a challenge to little kids especially if this is their first time solving a puzzle toy. The puzzle pieces are small enough for your child’s small hands. While your child fits each puzzle piece together, she is developing her fine motor skills, hand-eye coordination, memory and problem-solving skills.


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