Magnet Toys to Promote Early Learning

Early Learning with Magnet Toys

Everyone loves magnets and playing with them is just fascinating and incredible. Magnet toys, toys with embedded magnets, are definitely a sure hit with children. They’re intriguing yet easy to play. Parents love magnet toys as much because they offer exceptional developmental value to kids.

If you are still wondering how magnet toys help your child learn and develop, here are a few developmental benefits of playing with magnet toys.

Colour & Shape Recognition

Everything around us is made up of shapes and colours. The ability to recognise and differentiate colours and shapes is a foundational skill that children need to develop early on. It also makes learning the alphabet and numbers easy because letters and numbers are mostly made up of different shapes. For example, if a child can easily identify the letter 0 and number 0 if he knows what a circle looks like.

Most magnet toys come in bright colours which can help get your child’s attention. Grimms Magnet Puzzle Large Colour Spiral, Grimms Magnet Puzzle Triangles and Grimms Puzzle Octagon are good examples of magnet toys that help children learn different colours and shapes. They’re mainly puzzles but you can use them to teach your child her first colours and basic shapes.


Magnetic puzzles are also great toys for kids. They’re great because the puzzle pieces can stay in place. Problem-solving is an important skill and playing with magnetic puzzles allows children to use logic, analytical and critical thinking to solve them. Figuring out which pieces fit and don’t fit is part of the fun.

Solving puzzles also help children develop patience and boost their self-confidence when they solve one. When your child solves a magnetic puzzle, give her a compliment and encourage her to try again and make things more interesting like setting a time to solve the puzzle.

Fine Motor Skills & Hand-eye Coordination

Fine motor skills and hand-eye coordination are important skills to perform basic actions with our hands like writing, using a pair of scissors and tying shoelaces. Simple actions like picking up magnet toys and attaching them to each other can help children develop these skills.

Communication & Language Skills

Magnetic storyboards like Bigjigs Magnetic Board City and Bigjigs Magnetic Board Farm are wonderful toys for storytelling. You can teach your child different kinds of vehicles and farm animals. You can also encourage him to speak up and tell a story using the magnetic board. Imaginative play is important during early development. It allows children to explore different ideas and experience a wide range of emotions.

During story-telling, you can teach your child new words that she has not used before. This will expand her vocabulary and help develop her language skills.

Social Skills

While most toys are designed to be enjoyed solo, they’re more fun to play with friends. As your child plays with her friends, she learns how to socialise and interact with others. Your child can become more friendlier and empathetic towards others the more she plays with her friends.


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