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Fun Playtime with Magnetic Toys

Magnet toys are more than just toys. They’re great developmental toys and a fun way to introduce your little one to science at an early age.

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Springtime Play bundle
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Bigjigs Fantasy Magnets
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Bigjigs Farm Magnets
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Bigjigs Magnetic Board
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Bigjigs Magnetic Board City
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Bigjigs Magnetic Board Dinosaur
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Bigjigs Magnetic Board Farm
£9.95   £8.46
Bigjigs Seaside Magnets
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Bigjigs Woodland Magnets
£9.95   £8.46

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Toy magnets are magnets that are designed for playing or a toy that has a magnet. There are all kinds of magnet toys available for kids. Magnets blocks, magnetic construction set, magnetic storyboards, magnetic tiles and colorful magnetic building set are only a few of the popular magnet set toys for kids.

The science behind magnetism is a fascinating one and a bit complicated to a child’s mind. But how magnets work make them interesting toys for children.

Magnet toys are the kind of toys that are considered open-ended. Open ended toys are good early developmental toys for toddlers. These kids toys provide children many opportunities to play how they want. They’re not bound to any rules and they have the freedom to choose how they want to play with the magnet toys.

For instance, a magnetic construction set allows children to build structures they want. They’ll use their imagination and creativity to build any kind of structures. Imaginative and creative plays are the kind of plays that should be encouraged at an early age because they promote brain development and improvement of essential skills in children.

These toys stimulate your child's curiosity and imagination. With plenty of ways to magnet toys, they offer open-ended and pretend play which can lead to improved creative thinking. The bright colour finish helps your child identify different colours while the little magnetic pieces can help with your child's fine motor skills and hand-eye coordination. Your kid will find these toys engaging, innovative and fun. With a variety of geometric shapes, your kids are guaranteed to have fun while playing with these toys.

Are magnet toys safe to play with?

Magnet toys that are designed for kids are generally safe. However, you should take caution when buying magnet toys for your children.

Stay away from toys that have rare-earth and high powered magnets attached to them. Avoid magnet toys altogether if your child has developed a nasty habit of putting objects into his mouth. Magnets can be extremely dangerous when ingested.